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The imperial industry Full-time Job

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I saw my father's eyes twitch slightly, which was a sign of his rage. When my father stepped forward, I had no time to stop him. He raised his hand and slapped the prince. The slap startled everyone, Xiao Wei was stunned, and the palace guards were at a loss-the crown prince was humiliated in the palace, and the left prime minister made a mistake, so he should take it down immediately, but no one dared to do it. With a clang, the prince dropped his sword, covered his cheek, and said in a trembling voice, "You, uncle.." The father glared at the prince and his beard trembled with anger. Your Highness, calm down! "Father, calm down!" Xiao Wei and I opened our mouths at the same time. He stepped forward and blocked the prince. I held my father's arm. Xiao Kui waved his hand and ordered the guards to step down. There were only four of us left in the hall. "When will you look like a crown prince?" The father exclaimed bitterly. Xiao Wei picked up the sword on the ground and returned it to its scabbard. "Please listen to my son-in-law, father-in-law.". Although the sword is sharp at the beginning, it also needs to be honed. Although your Highness is young, one day he will reign over the world. Now the emperor is sick, the prince is in charge of the country, it is the time for your Highness to experience. In my opinion, your Highness's worries are not unreasonable, and I hope your father-in-law will think twice. His words were clearly meant to remonstrate with his father, but in fact they were meant for the prince, and they were irrefutable in both reason and emotion. The prince looked up at him with great gratitude. Father is a cold hum, eyes change, straight look at Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi's mood is calm, and his eyes are more and more sharp. The two men were at daggers drawn. My heart is tight,facial recognition thermometer, and I don't know when my palms are sweating. At this severe moment, the prince looked around at the two of them, as if he had finally come to understand, but he was anxious to look at Xiao. His father's face changed and he stared at him coldly, which made him even more confused. He had always been in awe of his father, and today he did not know whether he had been frightened by the assassin or had become a supervisor of the country. He was so proud that he made his father furious and made his crown prince lose face in front of everyone. I couldn't bear to see the prince so embarrassed, so I opened my mouth to rescue him. "The queen is frightened. Your Highness, go in and have a look." Unexpectedly, the father scolded again,touch screen kiosk, "The queen is still resting, don't disturb her with nonsense, don't go back to the East Palace!" The prince suddenly looked up, his face flushed, and said to his father, "How can I talk nonsense? Is it possible that in my uncle's eyes, what I say is wrong, even worse than a woman?"? My mother was almost killed today, but I'm afraid it's my turn next! I want the king of Yuzhang to lead troops into the palace to protect him. What's wrong with that? As a crown prince, if I can't even save my life, why should I be the emperor? "Shut up!" Father was furious. I opened my mouth to persuade the prince, but I touched Xiao's eyes and was forced back by him quietly. I'm going to say! Prince rose red face, hard voice resistance, "Yuzhang king listen to orders, I supervise the name of the prince, ordered you to immediately lead the troops into the palace, check the rebels, protect the royal family!" "I obey the decree." Xiao Qi knelt down on one knee. My aunt's cough came from the inner hall and seemed to have been awakened. My father looked at the prince, then at Xiao Wei, temperature screening kiosk ,digital whiteboard price, and finally turned to look at me. His face gradually turned pale, and his anger turned to disappointment and regret. The three men in the temple were already standing opposite him. Together with the most stable chips in his hands, the prince, who had always been regarded as a waste by him, also turned his back on him and turned to Xiao. The father stood for a moment and laughed in a low voice. "Well, your Highness is wise. With the help of this virtuous minister, the old minister will retire!" Coming out of the palace, it was getting dark. With Xiao Qi riding in front, I took the Luan car alone and returned to the palace for the first time after the wedding, but I had nothing to say all the way. Luan car gradually away from the palace gate, I dejected closed my eyes, only to feel tired. Only then did the wound on the arm begin to ache, and the chaotic scenes constantly passed before my eyes. There was a dull pain in my heart, but I didn't know how to be happy or sad. The car stopped and arrived at the imperial palace of Yuzhang. I haven't set foot here since I left in anger the day after the wedding. The curtain was raised, but Xiao stood in front of the car, stretched out his hand to me, and said with a faint smile, "I'm home." I was stunned for a moment and was hit by these three words. Yes, this is home, our home. Looking at the golden plaque of the vermilion gate, the six golden lacquer characters of "Yuzhang Wangfu" are faintly visible. The lights inside the gate are brilliant, and the servants and maidservants in the mansion have already knelt down in front of the gate to greet the Marquis. Xiao Wei personally helped me out of the car and accidentally touched the wound on my arm. I shrank and did not make a sound. He stopped to look at me, frowning slightly, and was about to open his mouth when he saw a row of beautiful maidservants in plain clothes filing out of the door and slowly greeting us. Xiao Wei and I looked at each other, stunned for a moment, but saw the last two Meiji out of the crowd, one in red, one in green, bowing down to us, and all the Ji left and right. In the bright light, the elder brother walked out slowly, standing with a long body, white clothes and wide sleeves, surrounded by a group of beautiful attendants, and the moon wheel on the top of his head sprinkled bright silver behind him. He smiled at us and walked with his sleeves flying, like a banished immortal under the moon. Xiao Wei suddenly laughed out loud, and I came to my senses and blurted out, "Brother!"! What are you doing here? The elder brother first met with Xiao Wei, and then smiled at me jokingly, "I came to welcome Hou's sister and brother-in-law back to the house." I looked at the group of beautiful flowers behind him. I thought it would be sad and happy to see my brother, but the scene in front of me made me laugh and cry. "It's not necessary to welcome us.." In the past, I would have said it directly, but because of Xiao's side, I had to save some face for my brother, so I had to say with a wry smile, "This is a grand show." Xiao Wei also smiled, "thank you." The elder brother only did not hear of my teasing, and smiled at Xiao Wei, "Ah Wei has been spoiled since childhood, and she is very picky. I am afraid that the servants in the house do not know her likes and dislikes, so I specially brought my own servant to clean up.". Everything in the house has been arranged according to your usual habits, and you can see that you are satisfied. He looked indifferent to Xiao, but the last sentence said with a smile and I listened, his eyes were warm, implying spoiling. I froze for a moment, the sweet and sour taste was blocked in my chest, and the fundus of my eyes gradually became hot. Xiao Wei thanked his brother quietly and asked him to come into the house to talk, but his brother declined lightly. All right,face recognition identification kiosk, there's a lot to do today. It's not too late to have a family dinner another day. Xiao Wei leaned slightly and did not take his brother's attitude seriously. I knew that my brother still had a grudge against Xiao Qi in his heart, but he had no choice but to smile at Xiao Qi, "I'll send my brother." 。 hsdtouch.com

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