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Seven-zero misplaced life Full-time Job

6 months ago Transportation & Logistics Dale City   113 views
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That is the little fool brother of the Miao family. She got a double hundred. When just knowing this news, he Xiaohong "Teng" jumped up from the stool, that posture is like her leg has not been broken: "Impossible! This is impossible! How can Laidi get a double hundred? It's absolutely impossible! After a series of impossibilities, she stared at Laidi with almost ferocious eyes: "You say!"! Did you cheat in the exam? Whose paper did you peep at? Brother Lai secretly rolled his eyes in his heart. How about the paper of the first grade of primary school? She made a yarn fraud! You know, even if she can't be compared with a real straight A student in her last life, she got into a good university anyway. In this life, she did not dare to expect, after all, this year's university admission rate is too low, too low, the college entrance examination is really thousands of troops crossing a single wooden bridge. But even if she missed the top universities in the country, she felt that it was no problem to get into a university. It's not that she looks down on the first grade of primary school. Well, she just doesn't like it. Yuxiu raised her hand weakly and said, "In the first grade, my younger brother got a double percentage. How could she cheat?"? Who are you going to peep at? He Xiaohong was choked half to death, but she still didn't want to believe it: "It's impossible anyway!"! With her silly appearance, why did she get a double hundred? She's a little fool! Fool Chapter 63, Chapter 063 Chapter 063 Pow- A loud sound sounded in the courtyard of the Miao family. He Xiaohong was so confused that she didn't even cover her face with her hands. She just looked up in a daze. On the other side, Miao Jiefang was so angry that his face was red and his neck was thick,digital signage kiosk, and his raised hand had not yet been put down. But Li Guifang, who was sitting next to him, was almost suffocated to death. She cursed her mother to her mouth and was about to spray He Xiaohong with blood. As a result, Miao Jiefang interrupted her. She coughed several times before she recovered. …… What is this?! Li Guifang is simply speechless, just still talking about the child's exam results, how did it suddenly rise to a fight? In fact, even if the government has changed its policy and decided to start paying attention to education,smart interactive whiteboard, it is very difficult to change the habit over the years. To put it bluntly, Li Guifang also felt that it was great for the children to do well in the exam, but if they did well in the exam, she also felt that it didn't matter. Like the previous threat that Zhaodi was not allowed to carry the red lantern home, it was also said casually, even if Zhaodi really failed the exam, she would roll her eyes at most, and other punishments would be absolutely impossible. In fact, we don't pay enough attention to it. However, Li Guifang was pleasantly surprised by Laidi's achievements. It was not uncommon for Yuxiu to get the first place in the exam and Zhaodi to fail in the exam, but Laidi was greatly beyond her expectation. Who would have thought that before she could praise her, he Xiaohong suddenly went crazy. He Xiaohong was crazy first, and then Miao Jiefang raised his hand and slapped him without saying a word. Li Guifang felt that her prestige in this family had been questioned. Under Li Guifang's question, outdoor digital signage displays ,interactive whiteboard prices, although the anger on Miao Jiefang's face did not subside, she somehow answered her words: "Who let her scold my daughter silly?" Miao Jiefang, what do you mean! You dare to hit me just because I said a little fool?! He Xiaohong also recovered from the stupefaction, surprised, angry and incredulous, "Are you crazy?"? Who in the whole production team doesn't know that the little girl of our Miao family is a fool? I didn't say that. Didn't anyone else say that? Didn't Mom say that? Li Guifang recalled that although she did not say much, she must admit that she did scold her brother silly. But more precisely, the whole old Miao family, she just did not scold Yuxiu, other from her son and daughter-in-law to grandchildren, she scolded more than once. Without waiting for Li Guifang to open her mouth, Miao Jiefang only raised his hand with hatred and threatened, "Others say our daughter is stupid. You don't say that you should stop and protect her, but you should."? Mom, that was a joke. Are you like this? Don't think I can't hear it. You really treat Laidi as a fool. Last year, a child scolded his brother for being a bald fool. How could this not be spread by you? A good little girl, you see the day to scold her, not stupid also give you scold silly! You, you, you. I'm her mother. What if I scold her twice? You're protecting it? He Xiaohong was so angry that her chest rose and fell. She really didn't expect that one day Miao Jiefang would stand on his side. A few years ago, Pan Di somehow won the favor of Miao Jiefang, who protected Pan Di from time to time. A lot of work, obviously look for Di to be able to do, but catch her to ask her to do. From then on, He Xiaohong was already very dissatisfied, but no matter how to say, Pan Di was also her own, and she did not give birth to a son at that time, thinking that it was not too much to love her daughter without a son, so she gritted her teeth and endured it. Unexpectedly, now Miao Jiefang has a son, and he still protects his daughter. It doesn't matter if you protect your daughter. What's the matter if you protect your brother? Slap her in the face for your brother? Why is any little white-eyed wolf more important than her now?! He Xiaohong was so angry by this cognition that she could not help jumping up to fight with Miao Jiefang if it were not for the inconvenience of moving. Even if she didn't really do it, the rage on her face was not fake, and she asked Miao Jiefang if she didn't want to live a good life. At any time in the past, Miao Jiefang's temper, seeing that he Xiaohong was so angry, he would definitely take the initiative to concede a step. After all, the couple does not necessarily have to distinguish between right and wrong, who let who is not important, as long as they can live smoothly on the line. Miao Jiefang, in particular, felt guilty about He Xiaohong. He broke a leg in order to give birth to his son. He couldn't do anything else. He should always be nice to others and make concessions. However,digital signage screen, this was before. At present, Miao Jiefang is also very angry. When an honest man gets angry, he is more terrible than a man who is usually tough. hsdtouch.com

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