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Ye Laotai Back to 70 -- Yan Shui Se Full-time Job

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???? Shi Yan snorted coldly. "However, their shit luck can only go here. We will go to Lin Jia village later.". As he spoke, he looked at Master Zheng's boat. "Now that we've made a lot of money these two days, someone should ask them for some debts." ???? As soon as Lin Hongmei heard it, she knew what he was paying attention to. "Or do you have a plan?". ???? Shi Yan's father took a puff of smoke. I didn't say much. ???? When Shi Fuguo and Aunt Shi came out of Master Zheng's boat with the money they had received. Shiyan several also drove the boat to Lin Jia village to publicize the fact that they had made a lot of money. ???? Shi Fuguo and Mrs. Shi driving an oxcart to Shi'ao Village Still thinking that the money plus the money they had earned a few days ago would be enough to repair the boat, they knew that in a short time, a large number of people who knew they had made money rushed to their house. ???? The next day Ye Xiyu, they didn't wait for the Shi family to come to the sea all day. ???? Zhang Anwen looked at the appearance of Yexi fish swaying in a small bucket. Can not help but some heartache, "fish ah, Lichun they may have something to do today temporarily not to come,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, or we will go back first." ???? Ye Xiyu was bowing his head and asking the little white snake why Lichun didn't come. When she heard Zhang Anwen calling herself, she hesitated for half a beat before raising her head. "Oh, let's go back first." ???? Zhang Anwen looked at Ye Xiyu and looked at Shi Lichun's path from time to time. The sad Le, "Aoyama,pumpkin seed extract, you said that the Shi family would not come without saying hello today. Look, we are waiting for the little fish." ???? Ling Qingshan "Maybe there is something at home.". ?? "Can have something to say hello in advance at home, our little fish yesterday and Li Chun that wench about, you see the little fish that lost appearance, too let a person love dearly." Zhang Anwen said with some dissatisfaction. ???? When Ling Qingshan and Zhang Anwen were talking. Ye Xiyu also knew the truth about why Shi Lichun didn't come from the mouth of the little white snake. Their family should be in trouble, but it won't be a big deal. ?? "Near miss?"? What happened to them? Why didn't you tell me yesterday? Ye Xiyu hurriedly asked the little white snake. ???? The little white snake circled around the wrist of the Yexi fish. It's no use telling you by "grinning". ???? Yexi fish "How can it be useless? Can't I remind them secretly?" ???? Little white snake But it has something to do with the person they borrowed the money from. Even if you remind them secretly, the money they want to pay back will not run away. ???? Hear that Ye Xiyu hesitated. "Does it have anything to do with the debt they owed when they bought the boat?" ???? The little white snake wagged its tail slightly. Yeah, rosmarinic acid supplement ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, they're being chased by debt collectors. ?? "But I originally heard Li Chun say that they had agreed with the people who borrowed money to pay them back when they had money." Ye Xi fishway, "and now they are secretly running here to catch up with the sea, no one should notice it." ???? Little white snake That's true, but who let them be targeted by the villains. ?? "If they are targeted by villains, won't they be in trouble?" Ye Xiyu was surprised. ???? Little white snake The trouble is not too much trouble, but the location of this beach is probably not guaranteed. ???? Ye Xiyu heard this. I had a few points in my mind. "Did someone see them selling seafood?" ?? "Um. ???? Yexi fish "If you can't keep it, you can't keep it. Anyway, this is just a transition for them." ???? The little white snake raised his head and looked at the Yexi fish. However, in this way, your money can be lent out immediately. ???? Yexi fish That's true, but I'm not happy at all to think that Lichun's family will be so calculated because of the little money they have earned during this period. ” ???? The little white snake soothed the wrist of the Yexi fish with his tail. Don't worry, after this disaster, Lichun and others will be able to do everything smoothly. ???? Ye Xiyu sighed. "Hope.". ???? The sky is getting dark. Just when Ye Xiyu thought Shi Lichun would not come, the guard at the gate asked the servant to inform Ye Xiyu that there was a little girl looking for her outside. ???? Ye Xiyu heard what the servant said. She immediately knew that Shi Lichun was coming. After all, Shi Lichun was the only little girl who played well here. "Grandma, I'll go out and come back soon." Then Ye Xiyu couldn't wait to run outside. ???? Wait until she hurried to the door. Sure enough, I saw the figure of Shi Lichun, "Sister Lichun." ???? Shi Lichun stopped kicking the stone and looked at the Yexi fish. Then, with some grievance, he ran to Yexi Fish, "Little Fish!" ???? Ye Xiyu hugged his little sister who ran towards him. She patted her on the back. "Sister Lichun?" ???? Shi Lichun sniffed and slowed down. He took out a hand roll from his pocket. "Little Fish, that's all you have to buy lobster. Yesterday those people came to my house and took all the money away." ???? Ye Xiyu looked at Shi Lichun's grievance. I also know that she must have been frightened yesterday. "It's all Right. We can catch and sell this lobster again." ???? Shi Lichun "Little Fish, you dont know that there was a lot of money, several hundred, but now there is none,turmeric extract powder, and that is all that is left.". ???? Ye Xiyu glanced at the handkerchief. 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