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Which year makes a lifetime change? Full-time Job

4 months ago Training Cary   151 views
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Guan Hao had already ordered the dishes, and it was the soybean milk hot pot. I took a cursory look, and my heart was so blocked that I didn't want to eat. Guan Hao put away his smile and said, "I came to apologize to you." Uh? Caocao looked at him strangely, and what tricks did he want to play? I know Panpan is looking for you. She has gone too far. I already talked to her, and she promised not to bother you anymore. If there was anything wrong with what she said that day, I apologize to you. I'm sorry Caocao think of Huang Panpan's request, faintly angry, in the face of Guan Hao, and some embarrassed, "forget it, the past is the past.". I don't want to talk about it anymore. Guan Hao relaxed a little and took out a small blue box-the kind of blue that Caocao was familiar with. Pushing it in front of Cao Cao, Guan Hao said, "a little token of my appreciation. I hope you can accept it.". It's Panpan's apology. Looking at the white swan on the blue box, I sighed in my heart-Swarovski crystal. When she closed her eyes, she knew what was inside: it must be a small animal in the latest crystal underwater world this year. She likes that kind of smart feeling, after Guan Hao developed, he would buy the latest gadgets for her every year. After an interval of three years, I didn't expect it to be renewed this year! "It's too valuable. I'll take it.". You can take it back. Just reach out and push it. And quickly withdrew his hand. She was afraid that like the dog blood on TV,stainless steel tube 304, Guan Hao would hold her hand or something, which was hard to explain. Guan Hao remained motionless with regret in his eyes. Withdraw your hand, carelessly, a little regretful, and then rejoice. It's not from me, is it? Guan Hao asked her. Shaking his head hastily, he said,stainless steel 304 pipes, "No merit, no reward.". Your wife didn't do anything to me, and I can understand her behavior. There's no need to accept such an expensive gift. "It seems you still blame me." "Not to mention.". It's all over. He picked up the spoon and drank the soybean milk slowly. A red prawn emerged from the soybean milk and sank again. Guan Hao said, "Actually.." Actually, I'm glad you went to see her. A cursory hand stopped. Shen Bei also said this matter, but the position is completely different. Caocao regretted it very much. It would have been better if he had not gone. But who can control himself? Guan Hao is very clever, see Cao Cao look different then changed the topic: "How?"? Is it all right? I remember you like to eat this. Time is tight at noon. I'll make the decision for you first. Cao Cao simply drank, refusing to think about the affection behind this sentence. Eye wind swept to Guan Hao is still eating braised pork rice, the heart moved. I'm used to it. Guan Hao said, "I went to see Bobo a few days ago. When I entered the park, I saw a man like Shen Bei. Now I think it should be you." Caocao saw that he was very calm when he mentioned Shen Bei, and felt that his caution had gone too far. He was somewhat embarrassed and nodded his head. Guan Hao said, "I've been to see Bobo several times since I returned home, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,side impact beams, but I've hardly seen you.". I spoke yesterday. Don't mind me. Caocao was a little upset and picked up a paper towel to wipe the water stains on the desktop. "It's all right." Guan Hao hesitated to speak and bowed his head. Passed a little while, careless ability calms down: "Thank you to invite me, I still have to go to work, went first." "Well," Guan Hao did not force him to stay. As he hastily walked out of the shop, he said, "Can I invite you to dinner later?" When he spoke, he was so close to Caocao that Caocao could smell the faded BOSS perfume. She suddenly remembered that she had recommended this perfume to Guan Hao, who would open his suit with a bad smile and say, "You help me shoot '!". " Cao Cao's face turned red. Take a step away and keep your distance. Guan Hao raised his feet to follow up, but stopped halfway. He had no choice but to stop on one side and said with a wry smile, "Don't you even have friends to do?" Caocao was so upset that he shook his head and said, "Of course, of course I am a friend.". But you'd better not come to me. I'm getting married. "Well," he said with a wry smile, "I insist on my point of view. But if you insist.. I can only bless you. Hope He can cherish you. The last sentence is very heavy, even the eyes are heavy. Pressing on the back and heart of the grass, looking at the ground, I just want to get in and get away. Well, you're all career people. It's for the best. Give my, give my regards to your wife. I'll go first. Bye-bye!” He spoke incoherently, turned around and walked away, bumping into a man with a "bang". Danmit!” The bump was not light, and the man cursed and covered his chest and stepped back. Sorry!” Guan Hao grabbed a step, holding the grass, and apologized to the man repeatedly, "Is it OK?" The foreigner may also feel that his words are not inferior, waved his hand and left in a hurry. He was so dizzy that he stood for a while before he could see clearly. As soon as her eyes brightened, she saw that Guan Hao was helping her put on her glasses. "Be careful," she said softly. "You're still so flustered when you walk!" Guan Hao's eyes are also a little moist, do not know how to survive after the divorce, how these piecemeal problems have not changed? The action of wearing glasses is still so skilled, and the glasses are firmly on the bridge of the nose when speaking. He pushed his eyes cursorily, nodded, said thank you in a low voice, and fled away. Guan Hao looked at the back of the grass, pulled open the neck collar between the tie, open the button, a long breath. Put your hands in your pockets and stand there. The rimless glasses reflected the starry lights of the building and could not see the eyes. Shen Bei returned to the office as usual. Xiao Qiao's office is outside Shen Bei's office, which was originally the position of the secretary. Later, although Xiao Qiao became an assistant to the president, he did not move away, nor did he start recruiting a new secretary. Seeing Shen Bei coming,side impact beams, Xiao Qiao said hello in a low voice and buried himself in his work. Although it was a twinkling of an eye, Shen Bei had already seen Xiao Qiao's peach-like eyes, and his heart was somewhat unbearable. cbiesautomotive.com

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