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Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155401 Full-time Job

6 months ago Training Cary   122 views
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Time flies, imperceptibly, is an hour later, Liu Canghai finally stopped the voice, immediately a faint smile, the body disappeared in the divine light, Chen Feng heart quickly calculated, although he listened very carefully, but because of the short time, but also can only write down 7788, but even so, Liu Canghai's words, also let Chen Feng enlightened, and have a new understanding of the system. After Liu Canghai disappeared, the light on the octagonal platform did not disperse, but continued to beat, and then one illusory figure after another appeared in the light and shadow. Like Liu Canghai before them, they turned to Chen Fengdao one by one what they had learned in their lives and their understanding of the system. In the middle of the star screen, Chen Feng sat for more than half a month. In this half month, Chen Feng was an eye-opener, and his understanding of the system had changed qualitatively compared with before. Half a month later, when Chen Feng walked out of the mountain depression, he found that Wang Simiao and others were already anxiously waiting outside. As soon as they saw Chen Feng coming out, they immediately came forward. Boss, are you all right? Wang Simiao looked Chen Feng up and down worriedly, with a gloomy face. It's all right, it's fine! Chen Feng looked at himself curiously, then shook his head, presumably because he left in a hurry that day and did not have time to say anything to Wang Simiao,pumpkin seed extract, so they were so worried. Chen Feng, how did you come here? We found you left the village a few days ago. We looked for you everywhere. Finally, we found that this mountain depression was very strange. We couldn't break through the barrier here even if we tried our best. You were worried about us! Asking about love is also a face of anxiety, opening his mouth. I'm sorry, I found something that day, because of the excitement, I forgot to tell you, next time will not, let everyone worry! Chen Feng smiled apologetically, and at the same time looked at Qiuxuan,jujube seed powder, who seemed to want to come forward but dared not, and walked slowly over, taking Qiuxuan's little hand with one hand and touching her black hair with the other. Eh? What is this Seeing Chen Feng's actions, he looked a little dim, but Long Lao looked at the hundreds of mausoleums standing behind Chen Feng and asked. Following the old dragon's eyes, the crowd looked behind Chen Feng one after another, with a look of surprise on their faces. Boss, why are there so many graves here? Could it be.. Speaking of this, Wang Simiao's expression changed. He stepped hard on one foot and grabbed Qiuxuan with a wave of his hand. At the same time, he shouted in a deep voice: "Boss, I said there was something wrong with this woman!" Wang Simiao's speed was extremely fast, and the vast energy enveloped Qiuxuan like the tide. Qiuxuan was shocked by Wang Simiao's powerful energy, and her face suddenly turned pale. Simiao! Asked to see Wang Simiao so impulsive, hurriedly a low shout, Chen Feng is a sudden change in expression, golden Zen out of the body, immediately hit a Buddhist Zen seal, Wang Simiao's attack was stopped, the rolling golden rainbow shook Wang Shimiao back several steps. Boss, can't you see clearly now? Wang Simiao still wanted to come forward, turmeric extract powder ,fenugreek saponins, but he hugged Wang Simiao and shouted in horror: "Simiao, no, no, I beg you!" "Ask Sister Qing." Boss, he. Wang Simiao was hugged and dared not struggle too much, but his eyes on Qiuxuan were extremely fierce. Enough Chen Feng gave a sharp shout and looked at Qiu Xuan, who had red eyes but bowed her head and kept silent. " Simiao, I'm telling you once, this has nothing to do with Xuaner, she's here, she's also a victim, and I've already thought of a way out! Chen Feng, with a sullen face, suppressed his anger and said coldly. Chen Feng, you.. Did you really think of a way? When Qiu Xuan heard Chen Feng's words, she looked up fiercely and grasped Chen Feng with her little hands. " Well, I don't know if I can do it yet, but I can try! Chen Feng showed a relieved smile to Qiu Xuan. Then he told everyone that he was going to retreat in the mountain depression and not return to the village for the time being, so that everyone did not need to worry, and then let everyone leave. But before they left, Chen Feng called Long Lao, and the two of them walked slowly to the mountain depression. Chen Feng, have you noticed that our cultivation is gradually declining? In the mountain depression, Long Lao followed Chen Feng and suddenly opened his mouth in a hoarse voice. "Well, that's why I called you here!" Chen Feng stopped, looked back at Long Lao, and said. Uh? Long Lao shook slightly and immediately said in a hurry, "So you have found a solution?" Shaking his head, Chen Feng smiled bitterly: "Actually, I come from the same world as the burning lamp, and those buried here are all our brothers and sisters. They are all imprisoned here by the burning lamp. Finally, they slowly lost their cultivation and died of old age here." Speaking of this, Chen Feng paused and continued, "But you don't have to worry. When these people were dying, they left me a lot of clues. If we are lucky, we may not be able to walk out of here!" Long Lao listened to Chen Feng's words, glancing slowly in the mausoleum and frowning. Long Lao, the main reason why I call you is to beg you for one thing! Chen Feng looked solemn and opened his mouth. You say Long Lao was stupefied and said. For so many years, I owe Xuaner a lot, and Simiao's character, you know, is too impulsive. This retreat, at least a year, more than a few years, I am afraid that because of the continuous loss of cultivation, let him give birth to evil intentions to Xuaner, so I want to ask Long Lao to help me take care of Xuaner! Long Lao thought about it, nodded and affirmed: "Well, don't worry, with me, Qiuxuan will be all right!" Hearing the promise of the old dragon, Chen Feng finally put down his heart, then waved back the old dragon, opened the black star curtain again, looked up, eyes fell on the flashing stars, eyes flashed a touch of excitement that could not be concealed.. Volume I Chapter 253 Gather Together The stars move slightly and the night is shrouded. Next to a hundred silent tombs, Chen Feng sat on the ground in a white robe, with his hands folded, and the stars fell from the sky. As Chen Feng breathed and breathed, they entered his body, forming a halo of stars around his body, hazy and mysterious. His hands kept changing their movements,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, and the stars flashed all over the sky, bringing up the vast power and shooting towards Chen Feng. prius-biotech.com

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