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The Otherworldly Evil Emperor _Wind Over the World_txt Novel Heaven Full-time Job

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Sister, what are you going to do? To fill the belly of Xuanshou? Are you going to help me or help Xuanshou? Jun Moye rolled his eyes angrily. God, give me a break, I've been stuck with this little girl all morning. "Hum, you will add belly to Xuanshou. Girl, I am very powerful now.". Once my swordsmanship is displayed, even the seven brothers are no match for me. Below Jin Xuan, there is no rival. How can a mere Xuanshou kill this girl? "Besides," said Dugu Xiaoyi with lofty sentiments, "it depends on the virtue of Xiaobai, or the eight-level Xuanshou. Isn't it just like a puppy? If it's all like this, what am I afraid of? Killing a thousand or eight hundred people a day is like playing, so maybe we can find a few more little white people. Small white discontented whine, like us such a high-quality top Xuanshou is so easy to touch? He rolled up his eyes and looked at her, but he also knew to reason with his mistress. It's really a very unwise move to ignore her and go back to sleep. Jun Moye felt powerless for a while: "Elder sister, how can you compare like this? Although Xiaobaibai is a senior Xuanshou, he is still a minor, OK?"? I shouldn't say that. It should be.. I was just born! How can this be compared? Haven't you seen any other Xuanshou? Even if you haven't eaten pork, you haven't seen a pig run! "What are you talking about? This young lady has never seen a pig run, other Xuanshou?"? What's wrong with the other Xuanshou? As soon as he saw Miss Ben, he was so dispirited that he didn't even dare to lift his head! The little girl is very proud. Master Jun burst into tears, isn't it? How could the daughter of a rich family have ever seen a pig run! The ones you've seen are the lowest level of Xuanshou that others have domesticated. "Sister, don't make a scene. Every time you go out,iron nail machine, you hold your little white. It's a standard high-level Xuanshou. Those Xuanshou of Tianxiang will certainly be dispirited when you see it. What does that mean?"? In our place, Xiaobaibai is very powerful, but in the punishment of heaven, Xiaobaibai is nothing, he is a fart! "Master Jun is trying his best to untie it." You are fooling the child, and the little white is so powerful, and you are nothing?! I'm going anyway! I must go, I must go! Dugu Xiaoyi said rudely, "In more than two months, it will be my grandfather's seventieth birthday.". My grandfather was wounded when he was on the battlefield in his early years. He couldn't see the wind around his waist and couldn't catch cold. I heard that wearing the fur of the Xuanshou Snow God mink next to his body can prevent him from getting sick. I'm going to hunt a Snow God mink this time. Make a birthday gift for Grandpa and honor him well. The meaning of the little girl, as if the snow God mink was already waiting there, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail production machine, she only had to go over and receive it. Jun Moye almost fainted: "Elder sister, aunt, do you think that snow God mink is your cat?"? So easy to catch? That thing is even higher than your Iron Impreza. It's a veritable eight-level Xuanshou, and it's only the most conservative way to say that it's an eight-level Xuanshou. That is to say, that thing can evolve, do you understand? This period of time the little girl showed tenderness, Jun Moye almost forgot her previous domineering, now it seems that this is a relapse. No wonder some people say that a leopard can't change its spots! "What's there?"? No matter how powerful it is, it's just a little mink? What's the big deal? Dugu Xiaoyi waved his hand in a careless way. He didn't take Master Jun's words to heart at all. He rolled his eyes and lowered his head in an instant and begged, "Brother Moye, take me there. Isn't it just a matter of one more horse?"? Is it all right? "No!"! It's not negotiable! Jun Moye didn't even think about it and flatly refused. Is it a matter of an extra horse? If anything happens, why don't you strip my skin from the hob meat of the Dugu family? Besides, the elder brother is not a gentleman, along the way if if the beast hair, to do you. That's not too big or too small. It's a trouble. Let me go, brother Moye, please. Dugu Xiaoyi grabbed his arm and acted like a spoiled child. No way! It's no use cheering for my brother. "Jun Moye snorted, thought for a moment, and added," It's no use applauding your husband! " "You want to be beautiful!" Dugu Xiaoyi wrinkled his nose, stuck out his tongue and said, "Hum, if you don't take me, I'll go with my brother!"! Is it so rare? Can't this girl go to Tiannan without you? "Be my guest!" Jun Moye spread out his hands and said, "As long as you don't go with me, everything is easy to discuss. If your three brothers are willing to take you with them, it will save me a lot of trouble. Thank them for sharing your burden for me!" Chapter eighty-seven crossbows. Here it comes! "But they just want to follow you." Giggle. It's fun to follow you. You're not a quiet person. It must be fun to follow those three big stupid bear brothers. What's the fun? As soon as Dugu Xiaoyi saw that this move was ineffective, he came up shamelessly. Jun Moye understood at a glance that it must be because the three brothers had completely refused the girl's request that she would pester herself. Otherwise, how could this girl come to me? "I tell you, there's no way; not to mention the door, there's no window." "Your evil heart is like iron stone, and you refuse to agree anyway." You'd better stay at home with my sister-in-law. You can't go to that place. Girl, that's to risk your life, not to go on an outing! "I don't know if she's at home or not. Anyway, she can't accompany me, because I'm going to Tiannan, too." Said a cold voice. Jun Moye's back stiffened for a while, and he turned his head with difficulty to see who was speaking instead of Guan Qinghan? For this trip to Tiannan,Nail machine supplier, Guan Qinghan felt something was wrong from the bottom of his heart. Not many people know about the Blood Soul Villa. But all the great families in the capital must have got the news, and the palace was no exception. And at such a moment, unexpectedly named so that you have no intention of going to war with Jun Moye. What is the reason. 3shardware.com

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