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The Dead Man's Sutra Full-time Job

4 months ago Training Cary   117 views
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Luo Shaoqing had no panic and no thoughts. His hesitation was over. In the blink of an eye, he also stabbed, stabbed deeper, and retreated in time. His footsteps staggered and blood oozed from his chest. But he did not fall down. The joy and pride of victory supported him. He did not lose face to Luo Jiazhuang. However, when practicing the sword, he hit every shot, but his accuracy in actual combat was a little worse. Chu Nanping's sword wound was located slightly above the heart, very deep, and not fatal. Chu Nanping held his breath, and the panic disappeared inexplicably, as if to make trouble for him to get a sword, and then ran away happily. With a sword in his right hand, Chu Nanping's body wobbled. It was just a matter of one move. The other Luo swordsmen suddenly felt that they had already seen that Luo Shaoqing would win. They cast encouraging and appreciative eyes on the newcomer. Only Luo Pingying was dissatisfied and planned to educate the young swordsmen of the Luo family in an appropriate way afterwards. Nie Zeng ran over and held Chu Nanping. Luo Pingying felt it necessary to explain the rules to the two people of the Western Regions, "You have gone too far for Tie Linglong, so don't get in the way in the future. I hope you can make a promise yourself." Chu Nanping coughed and his voice became hoarse when he opened his mouth. "I'm not dead yet." Luo Pingying took this sentence as a provocation, so he winked at Luo Qijian. He had already done what he should do. Hedong Luojia Village could abide by fewer rules than ordinary Jianghu sects. Luo Shaoqing hoped that he would end the enemy's life, but the orders of his elders could not be disobeyed, and the wounds on his chest also needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. Luo Qijian pulled out his sword and walked slowly over,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, staring at the swordsman, which was the only obstacle in his eyes. Nie Zeng held Chu Nanping in his left hand and pulled out a narrow knife in his right hand. He did not understand why Chu Nanping had made a mistake, and now was not the time to ask the truth. Action is inevitable, but some words still have to say, Luo Qijian stopped, "Your Excellency is called Nie Zeng, from the North Court,ball valve manufacturer, right?" Luo Jiazhuang came this time and made a detailed investigation of the people around him. Nie Zeng nodded, "Well, your name is Luo Qijian, known as the'ten-step swordsman '." "Exactly." Luo Qijian was a little proud. "Are you going to get out of the way?" Nie Zeng has not opened his mouth to answer, early Nanping pushed him away, hand strength is not small, "this is my contest." Nie Zeng knew that Chu Nanping would be defeated again, but in the training he had undergone, he had never rushed to fight for others. Of course, there was no such thing as knowing that there was no hope of playing. Chu Nanping's performance was not like a killer at all. Nie Zeng thought for a moment and stepped back three steps. He is not used to making decisions for others. Chu Nanping took a deep breath, and the blood on his chest flowed more, soaking a large area of his clothes, tube fitting manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, and he did not feel any pain. I just felt my body was light, so the sword in my hand was a little heavy. Luo Qijian did not want to build a reputation on a dying swordsman, so he pointed the sword in his hand to the ground, intending to avoid two or three strokes before making a move. This is also a rule. Chu Nanping took another deep breath. He needed more strength to stabilize the sword in his hand. Before the breath came out, his sword was gone. This person comes too quickly, Nie Zeng who has been guarding beside unexpectedly did not discover, in the heart can not help but eat a surprised. Holding Chu Nanping's sword in his hand, Zihe Zhenren pushed the man to Nie Zeng and said with a smile, "One step too late.". It's a pity that I didn't see Luo's swordsmanship. Luo Qijian's face sank and he reluctantly stepped aside. Luo Pingying stepped forward and said, "The old immortal has been in seclusion for more than ten years. After he came out of Jianghu again, he seems to be particularly nosy. I can see you everywhere." "Hehe.". You saw it. The real man threw the sword on the ground as if he was disgusted. "I'm old, and I don't know how many years I have left to live. I'm naturally anxious to do things." "No matter how anxious you are, you can't break the rules. This Chu Nanping came to challenge you and hurt the children of the Luo family, but he still refused to retreat.". Why did the old immortal seize his weapon and touch his acupoint? He's not a disciple of Kongtong Sect, is he? "Alas, the Kongtong Sect doesn't have such a handsome disciple. I'm here as a witness." "Witness to what?" "More than twenty days ago, Gu Shenwei interceded with Xiao Wang through me, and you Luo Jia and Princess were pardoned. They were not executed as rebels. It was not too long. You must remember.". As a witness at that time, I would like to remind you that the Luo family owes Gu Shen a big favor. Owe me a small favor-don't make a mistake, it's a small favor, not the love of a'villain '-in short, the Luo family has to return it? Luo Pingying's face began to turn gloomy, and of course he would not forget the scene at that time. Princess Hua Ping and the Luo family have to rely on Gu Shenwei's words to save their lives, which is simply a kind of insult, an insult that is hard to wash away. The Locke family will return it, in our own way. "Let's discuss it. Why don't we just pay back a little today? This is the end of the tournament. No one will pursue it. The Luo family has repaid my little favor. How about that?" "Where is Gu Shenwei?" "Hey hey, the Luo family can't be too greedy, can also calculate a little bit, Gu Shenwei's big favor, you have to think of another way." Luo Pingying thought for a while and squeezed out two words from his teeth: "No." Zihe Zhenren said goodbye with a smile. "This little swordsman is also injured. Do you need the elixir of Kongtong Sect?"? No, well, the Jinchuang medicine in Luojiazhuang is also a must in Jianghu. Nie Zeng helped Chu Nanping leave the backyard. To his surprise, Chu Nanping didn't even look at the sword on the ground, as if he didn't care at all. As soon as he entered the lobby in front of him, Chu Nanping fainted. Nie Zeng skillfully applied the medicine and bandaged it. Then the real person who came out with Zihe could not find fault. "When a killer has to learn this?" "Well, I'm not a killer now." Nie Zeng whispered. Zihe Zhenren didn't ask much and went out to call Jinhu. Jinhu immediately went to find the shopkeeper and sent the wounded back to the city with the carriage in the shop. Gu Shenwei did not appear, and the person Nie Zeng was most worried about was not him. Tie Linglong still did not know, see unconscious early Nanping, completely stunned, what help also did not help, all by Nie Zeng will carry him to bed. Purple crane real person and golden tiger did not follow in,brass tube fitting, Nie Zeng tried to delay time, after the early Nanping arrangement, turned to face Tie Linglong. chinaroke.com

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