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The Age of Technology: The Strongest Learning System Full-time Job

2 months ago Engineering Daly City   55 views
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When the task was finally completed, Yu Yiye was finally lying in bed, and he could finally count what he had lost and gained in his work. Wu Xin listened to Yu Yiye's absent-minded report in the earphone center, considering that the next time this kind of task should not be given to Yu Yiye, sometimes some things are not suitable for Yu Yiye to do, that is really not to be forced. By the time Yu Yiye finished reporting, Yu Yiye was already in a daze. And she still has a very important thing to do. Ling. "I am the user." "Have I got everything I need to upgrade?" "It's all ready. There are no other problems. It's very well prepared." After listening to the report, Yu Yiye was very happy: "If everything is here, then get ready and start upgrading the system!" "Yes, the user." The electronic sound of the spirit appeared at the right time, basically as soon as a leaf handed over control, the second it was taken over by the spirit. And this is also for a better upgrade. The upgrade begins. This upgrade will span two levels. Please be prepared. Psychological preparation, what psychological preparation can there be? Chapter 1671 level three and level four. It's not like I haven't been upgraded. It's like this is the first time I've been upgraded. Anyway, Yu Yiye felt that Ling's words were somewhat alarmist, and he didn't say that he should be prepared before, did he? To say that the upgrade process is still the same, the only difference is that before this upgrade,classroom interactive whiteboard, no teacher wants to talk to Yu Yiye. A group of people wanted to talk to her before, but this time they didn't. Yu Yiye estimated that he was always tired of seeing each other, so he was too lazy to see each other this time. After all, the teachers in the learning system, unless Yu Yiye does not like it, will be replaced,interactive flat panel display, the other is estimated to follow Yu Yiye for a lifetime, and the number of teachers in Yiye is increasing, it is estimated that it is very difficult to meet, so it is better to disappear. Yu Yiye was cranky, and the upgrade was about to begin. Ling? "User, I'm here." The same voice as at the beginning appeared in the ear of a leaf. The ball of light also appeared at the same time, along with a light screen panel. [System prompt: You have completed all the learning of Level 2. You need 1100000 learning points to upgrade to Level 4. Do you want to upgrade?] A string of zeros, two ones, these two numbers combined to make up the number, but let Yu Yiye look at the heartache. A million! This is more than one million! So many learning points, she saved so many learning points for so long! It's just gone! What a reputation this is! Had it not been for her hard work in the past few months, where would there be so many learning points! It was taken away by the unscrupulous artificial intelligence! The accusation in the heart reached the maximum value, interactive boards for classrooms ,smart board whiteboard, but in reality, Yu Yiye still said a word crisply and neatly-yes. Immediately, 1100000 learning points were deducted immediately, this time without pressing the button, Yu Yiye said that his mood was still very good. Or the familiar style, lies in the fact that after a leaf has been upgraded, the bracelet that will always be worn on the right hand shines brightly! The "kaleidoscope" once hidden in the face of Yu Yiye is now distributed all over the body. At this time, it also begins to shine blue. It comes out of Yu Yiye's body and decomposes into a "cloud" composed of a large number of nano-robots. It begins to wander all over Yu Yiye's body again. It's still a familiar formula, but Yu Yiye has taken another step forward. The promotion across two levels is also a unique situation. As usual, the upgrade will put Yu Yiye into a deep sleep, which is to protect her body, unless it is hit by an external force, otherwise it is absolutely impossible to wake up. Of course, it is impossible for the spirit to be attacked by external forces, so there is no need to say this setting. The biggest difference in this upgrade may be what Ling said about being prepared in advance. Why should we be prepared in advance. Very simple, even across two levels for a leaf of the impact is great, if she chose to upgrade only one level as usual, the impact on her body will not be great, but a moment of information through the body will cause a slight discomfort in a leaf. But two levels in a row, two information shocks, this is not a good thing for Yiye. This is beyond the body bearing capacity of the first leaf, which will directly cause the first leaf to feel great pain. Sure enough, at the time of the second information shock, Yu Yiye frowned and even his body began to shake. There was no blood on his face at once. And the nano-robot, which is being corrected in the body of a leaf, was directly squeezed out of the body because of the pain of a leaf! The spirit is also sleeping at this time, so it cannot understand the pain of a leaf. But before sleeping, it has been reminded too much, there should be no problem. But is there really no problem? The second upgrade is not only the upgrade of the system, but also the upgrade of many aspects. The first change is the mall, which used to have only first-level and second-level exchange items, but now, the third-level and fourth-level exchange items have been unlocked, and Yu Yiye can finally have more choices. Otherwise, looking at all kinds of daily necessities at the first level and a lot of repetitive things at the second level, she would really be driven crazy. The second thing is the upgrade of the learning area. Under the two information shocks, the three or four levels of learning area are finally opened. The difficulty of the learning area must be greatly improved. Otherwise, what level will it be upgraded? And the learning content is also more rich and detailed, after a leaf can be targeted according to the content they want to learn. The learning area and the mall are the most important parts of the system. Therefore,smart board for conference room, the changes are the biggest. Other lottery areas in the mission area all look the same, and there is no change at all. In addition to those two areas, the carrier of the system is the one that has changed a lot. hsdsmartboard.com

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