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Special B King in ancient times Full-time Job

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Just as Kang Long was waiting to explain, he heard a clear and neutral voice at the bottom of the battleship saying, "Yes, my little friend's literary talent is outstanding, and he is better than everyone else. It's just that the last few lines of this Que Ci have the feeling that he has passed away and accomplished nothing.". My dear friend is only twenty years old, and his great cause has not yet begun. How can he have such feelings? ~ Chapter 37 the arrival of the Great Monk Daoguang. This Longxiang warship, a typical ship, is the largest warship in the entire fleet, with a total length of more than 50 Zhangs, a width of 20 Zhangs, and a height of four stories. Below the deck is the power floor, and the two side wall panels are perforated with oars, which can accommodate hundreds of soldiers to paddle hard. At this time, in order to prevent being recognized, all the oar holes were sealed. Above the deck is the combat layer, which was originally surrounded by armor, and the wall panels were perforated for archers to attack, but unfortunately all the armor on the warship was cut down, which was very abrupt and funny. On the surface of the water below the ship, a light boat, guided by an old man, followed the Longxiang warship steadily. No one felt when the old man arrived under the battleship. Kang Long saw that the old man was over 60 years old,Automatic Nail Making Machine, with white eyebrows and white beard. At this time, he was wearing a gray cloth robe and carrying his hands on his back. He stood at the bow of the canoe, but he did not see how to move. The canoe at his feet was drifting with the tide like a leisurely stroll in the courtyard. It was very strange. The wind is strong on the river. Why don't the old man come up for a chat? Kang Long saw that the old man's face was full of righteousness, and he did not seem to be extremely vicious or mentally cunning, so he made an invitation. The old man called himself a little friend, perhaps because he knew one of his friends. The old man laughed, put his feet on the canoe, and jumped up lightly. Strangely,Iron Nail Making Machine, the canoe under his feet rowed forward rapidly, just skimmed the water, and arrived at the side of a fast boat. On the fast boat, a disciple of Beggars' Sect was poking his head out to look around. He was frightened by an inexplicable canoe. But an old man said, "Please take care of the old man, little brother." After the old man jumped onto the deck of the ship, he still carried his hands on his back. He took a look at Zhu yuanlang and Pai Mei Yixuan. He said in surprise, "So it's really a descendant of the former Liang Dynasty. No wonder he's driving a Longxiang naval warship." Zhu yuanlang did not recognize the white-browed old man in front of him. When he heard this, his face tightened and his left hand clenched into a fist unnaturally. The white-browed old man's eyes moved slightly, and he was aware of Zhu yuanlang's unusual appearance. He burst into a burst of clear laughter. His laughter was magnanimous and hearty, which made people feel good for no reason. Zhu yuanlang could not help but loosen his left fist and salute with one hand: "Since the old gentleman knows this warship, is it an old friend of his ancestors?" Kang Long looked at one side and frowned. The old man was mysterious as soon as he appeared, as if he were a fairy figure. He didn't like the way he pretended to be a ghost. Kang Long began to have an inexplicable sense of mystery about old men or old Taoist priests over fifty since he met the mysterious Fuyaozi in Luoshui Town. Old gentleman, now that I have come here specially, I must know my identity. Why should I pretend to be profound and lower my identity for no reason? Don't you think so? Kang Long looked at the old man jokingly and joked. The old man didn't expect Kang Long to be so tired and lazy. His originally unfathomable appearance disappeared in an instant. He grinned and said, nail manufacturing machine ,Nail Making Machine price, "You boy, no wonder you can stir up that smelly Taoist priest Fuyaozi to escape from Huashan Mountain. There are really some doorways." Kang Long approached the old man and smelled him. The old man's white eyebrows jumped slightly. "Boy, what are you doing? Do you have any intentions for my old man?" "Ha, you old man, you are a monk. No wonder I always feel that there is something wrong. Is the hair on your head fake?" As Kang Long spoke, he stepped up to the old man and reached out to grab the sparse white hair on his head. Ouch, the old man covered his head and dodged Kang Long's five fingers. He no longer looked like a superior. He jumped and pointed at Kang Long and scolded, "Stop, smelly boy!"! Otherwise, the family will not be polite! Kang Long stopped and looked at the monk who was dressed strangely and spoke even more strangely. He laughed and scolded, "Oh, you monk are so strange. You are obviously a monk, but you have hair. Tell me, who are you? What are you looking for us for?"! I can't say clearly today. Even if you are a master at the level of a large division, you have the means to teach you to stay. The old man, Amitabha Buddha, stared at Kang Long and said, "You smelly boy, you don't know how to respect the old man at all, and you don't know how to worship the Buddha. Hum, smelly boy, Sa Jia is a monk from Qixia Temple in Jinling. He has been ordered by Elder Martial Brother to ask you to go to Qixia Temple. Why, haven't you seen what Elder Martial Brother Sa Jia gave you?"? Why haven't I seen you? Kang Long laughed and said, "You're an old monk. If you hadn't said it earlier, it would have been over. You're dressed neither fish nor fowl. How can you look like a monk?"? I'm on my way to Jinling, but before I go, I have to settle this friend before I can leave for Jinling. When Monk Daoguang heard this, he shook his head like a rattle, and his face was full of anxiety. "Boy, Elder Martial Brother Sajia is about to sit down and melt. Just because I haven't seen you yet, I'm waiting for the last breath. If you don't go again, I'm afraid Elder Martial Brother won't be able to wait for you!" "What's the matter?" Kang Long asked in surprise? Is it difficult for Master Daodaoyuan to be attacked again? The Great Monk Daoguang glared at him angrily and said, "Can you speak, smelly boy? Elder Martial Brother, he was attacked by the evil man of Ximen Xie. I have lost face in Buddhism. Can I let people sneak into the Holy Land again?"? Elder Martial Brotherther Sa Jia, because he used the holy relics of Buddhism, all his Buddhist skills were destroyed in a moment. Recently, he worked hard day and night for the road ahead of Buddhism. He was so worried that his karma was burning. He knew that his time was coming, so he ordered Sa Jia to come all the way here. How did you get such a coincidence? In fact, Elder Martial Brother is invincible. I know you are going down the river. Come with me quickly! "But how can I leave before my friend is settled?" Kang Long was so depressed that he rubbed his nose and was in a dilemma. On the one hand, Master Daoyuan, who was waiting for him, was afraid that he would die soon. On the other hand, Zhu yuanlang, who had just formed an alliance with him, had to face the possible pursuit of Tengjiao Gang. Moreover, Zhu yuanlang's arm, originally also counted on Master Daoyuan,wire nail machine manufacturers, this seems to be not counted on. Alas, for a while, Kang Long really had the feeling that his head was as big as a bucket. 3shardware.com

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