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Sin Love Angel · Dark Night Chapter by Er Ya Full-time Job

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Oss looked at the two in puzzlement. "Yes, yes, but what do you want those for?" Angle looked at Oss with some helplessness, "Oss, I feel very insecure to entrust the security of S city to you." Oss blackened his face and whispered, "I just ate your meal." Angle gave him a white look and said, "bring it to me tomorrow." "Yes.." Lord Oss rolled his eyes and walked out of the door. Before he got into the car, he seemed to think of something. He came back and said at the door, "Angle, don't think I'm more stupid than a pig. I know. You want to find out why the butcher knew the addresses of all the victims at the first time?!" Angle took a glance at Oss with a teacup, opened and closed his lips gently, and jumped out a word, "stupid." Oss nose out of the atmosphere, thought about it, bad laugh, "I tell you, in some ways you are more stupid than a pig!"! I can cook Fried Rice with Egg, can you? I know how to use a fax machine! With that, he staggered away. Holding a cup, Angle squinted at the back of Oss's departure and asked Mo Fei discontentedly, "Fax machine?" Mo Fei touched his face, collected his things, and went into the kitchen to wash the dishes. That night, Angle had been hiding in the room to draw,ghana seed extract, while Mo Fei surrounded the gallery, looked back and forth, then made a few phone calls, saw that it was almost ten o'clock, closed the door of the gallery, locked ready to sleep. At this time, the telephone rang. Mo Fei went over and picked it up. "Hello?" "Hello.." A woman's voice came from the other end of the phone, accompanied by a gentle panting sound,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and the speaker seemed to be panting badly. Who are you looking for? Mo Fei asked. I Ah Before the woman had finished speaking, she suddenly screamed. There was a shrill scream, indicating that the woman was badly frightened, followed by a sound of glass breaking, and then confusion. Hello Mo Fei frowned at the phone and asked loudly, "Hello?"? Are you all right? On the other end of the phone, there was a sudden low roar of wild animals, as well as the woman's screams and begging for mercy, "I was wrong." I was wrong.. Help! "Hello!" Mo Fei was also frightened by the voice, and the woman felt that she was being attacked by something. Moments later, the other end of the phone turned into a dead silence, and when Mo Fei wanted to ask something more, the phone was hung up heavily with a "click". Hello Mo Fei called out again, frowning deeply, needless to say, that woman must have had an accident. Also, what was that low, lutein eye complex ,phycocyanin spirulina, beast-like roar I just heard? Got bitten by a dog? No, I didn't hear the dog barking. Mo Fei. When Mo Fei was puzzled, he heard the voice of Ingres coming from upstairs. He looked up and saw Ingres leaning against the handrail of the corridor looking at him. Your cry was heard on the second floor. Ingres asked. "What's the matter?" "Uh.." Mo Fei thought about it, turned off the lights on the ground floor, went upstairs, and told Angle about the phone call he had just made. The low roar of the beast? Ingres wondered. Uh Mo Fei nodded, thought for a moment, and said, "Ingres, go and install a telephone recording device."? Or change to a slightly more advanced phone so that you don't miss some of the more important information. Angle looked at Mo Fei and asked, "Can you use a fax machine?" Mo Fei does not know whether to laugh or cry. He looked at Angle feebly. "Just press the fax machine. What's there to learn?" Ingres became even more discontented and turned into the room. Mo Fei saw that Angle was not very happy, so he went in and said, "You just don't touch those electrical appliances. You're not more stupid than Oss. I don't think there are many people on the earth who are smarter than you." Angle sat on the sofa and took out the morning newspaper. He looked up at Mo Fei and asked, "Really?" "Mmm." Mo Fei nodded, and when he saw a smile on Angle's face again, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Do you take a bath and sleep?" Angle nodded. "Well, I'll wash first." Mofei brought him clothes, Ingres took the clothes and went to take a bath calmly, while Mofei went to Ingres's studio to see the painting he had just painted. Sure enough, recently Angle is particularly fond of drawing himself, all around the drawing board is himself, all kinds of postures, scattered sketch paper, and pencil drawings of himself. Mo Fei sat on the ground and looked at the sketches drawn by Ingres one by one. He liked to see Ingres himself very much, and he didn't know from which angle he looked at it. In short, he was very beautiful in Ingres'works, which made him no longer feel annoying for the first time. I don't know how long it took, but Ingres came out, wiping his hair and wearing pajamas and slippers, and came to the door of the studio to see Mo Fei. Finished washing? Mo Fei asked. Uh Angle nodded, as if he were thinking about something. Mo Fei could never guess what he was thinking, but went back to get his clothes and take a bath. Angle walked back into the room and looked at the bed. He turned out of the room, went back to the studio, and went to the corner. There was a bucket of base material for his canvases, and several buckets of paint for his lacquer paintings. Angle picked up a bucket of black paint, pried open the lid with an oil painting knife, grabbed a brush, turned and walked out of the door into Mo Fei's room. When Mofei came out of the bathroom after taking a bath, he saw that the light in Ingres's studio had been turned off. He went to the door of his bedroom and looked at it. He was leaning back on the sofa reading a newspaper. Mo Fei thought about it and decided to go back to his room to sleep. Walking into the room, Mo Fei wiped his hair and turned on the light, trying to read for a while before sleeping, but. Mo Fei found that the surroundings seemed a little different. He remembered the walls of his room, the bed.. It's all white, but now look. He stood in the middle of the room and looked around, and the walls and beds turned into zebra stripes. Reached out to touch on the sheet, still sticky, take a smell under the nose, a smell of paint. Mo Fei squatted down to look for it, and sure enough, he saw an empty paint bucket and a brush under the bed. Crouching feebly on the ground, Mo Fei looked around,carnosic acid price, unable to tell the funny zebra lines. Throwing the brush and paint bucket in his hand, Mo Fei stood up and went out, pushing open the door of Angle's unclosed door. prius-biotech.com

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