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Shine the sword Full-time Job

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In the evening, Li Yunlong suddenly pushed open the door and shouted at the top of his voice: "Assemble the communication squad." When the independent regiment divided its forces, it had more than one thousand men, all of whom were scattered in an area with a radius of several hundred miles and were in a state of independent combat. Its task is to assist in the establishment of grass-roots anti-Japanese political power and to develop and strengthen the ranks. Every company or even every platoon has become an independent unit. If you have that ability, you can expand a company to the size of a regiment. But you still have to call a company, as for equipment, ammunition, clothing, supplies, I am sorry, there is nothing above, you go to seize from the enemy. Good job. You eat meat every day and celebrate the New Year every day. If you don't do well, you can't even drink soup. Li Yunlong himself is not sure how many people there are in the independent regiment now. When the whole regiment was withdrawn, there were more than one thousand people. Now, according to the most conservative estimate, it has to be expanded to more than two people. Li Yunlong sent out all the correspondents and ordered all the battalions, companies, and platoons to quickly return to construction and have important combat tasks. Deputy regimental commander Xing Zhiguo asked, "regimental commander, what are the troops assembled for?" Li Yunlong said impatiently: "What else can I do?" "Hit the county seat." Xing Zhiguo is astonied: "This is a major event,precision welded tubes, should ask a superior for instructions?" "It's too late. The division headquarters is hundreds of kilometers away from us. When we come back, the cucumbers and vegetables will be cold." Colonel, this is too hasty. Pull the trigger and move the whole body. How many troops do we have? Is the ammunition sufficient? Are there any heavy weapons to attack? What about the Japanese reinforcements? We have no idea, no matter what, at least we have to ask the main forces of several neighboring counties to cooperate. "Well, the battle plan is already in place. We don't have the right to mobilize the main forces of our neighbors. It's okay to inform them. Just say that our independent regiment is going to the county town to eat meat and drink wine. If anyone wants to look greedy, they can do it together. If I have something to eat,cold drawn tubes, he will have something to eat. If we dare not come, we will forget it. We are not afraid to hold on and make our own package.". Lao Tzu can cook as much rice as he wants, and an independent regiment plus a few county brigades, district squads, and militiamen are almost enough. Li Yunlong said with ease. Xing Zhiguo was so anxious that he was sweating: "Colonel, you have to think twice. If we fight, the whole northwest of Shanxi will be in a mess. The Japanese troops in Fu'an, Shuiquan, Luyang and other counties will reinforce us. The pressure is too great. Can our regiment withstand it?" What are you afraid of? I am the chief military officer, I am responsible, even if the superior wants to pursue in the future, shoot me, you carry out the order. Two days later, the independent regiment was assembled. Even Li Yunlong himself was surprised. In just over two years, aluminium coated tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, the independent regiment had developed more than five cadres. The company commander at the time of the division of forces two years ago was still very aggrieved with the name of the company commander. The number of troops under him was six or seven hundred. Li Yunlong was so happy that his eyes were gone. He thumped a large group of battalion and company cadres on his chest and said in his mouth: "Good boy, these sons of bitches have all made a big ***ing fortune." Over the past few years, the various units of the independent regiment have not fought major battles, and there have been minor battles almost every day. An artillery tower has been pulled out in the east, and a transport team has been ambushed in the west. The loss of troops is not great, but the equipment is quite different from before. The 38 big cover, the 92 heavy machine gun, the crooked light machine gun, and even captured several mountain guns, plus the original mortars, were stunned to assemble an artillery company. Li Yunlong had never lived a rich life since the day he led the troops. He was afraid of poverty. He never dreamed that his troops could have such powerful firepower. He was so happy that he didn't know which leg to take first. What pleased him even more was that as soon as the local armed forces, the county brigades, the district squads, and the militiamen of the villages in the guerrilla zone of the independent regiment heard that the independent regiment was going to attack the county seat, they all rushed to come, gathering together tens of thousands of people. This is an opportunity given to Li Yunlong by God. In his past military career, he had only commanded a regiment of troops at best, but now it is different. He can command tens of thousands of people to fight. This is another level. This is called large regiment combat. As Xing Zhiguo, deputy head of the regiment, estimated in advance, the whole northwest of Shanxi was going to be in a mess. Everything in the world is full of chance. A small Japanese army attacked a small mountain village and captured a rural woman, but this woman happened to be Li Yunlong's wife, and Li Yunlong, who was not usually quiet, was not going to be quiet now. It's a bit like an old story about becoming a beauty in anger. It's happened a lot in history. It's a very vulgar story. When the independent regiments wanted to attack county towns, the local armed forces in the base areas and guerrilla zones they opened up naturally could not stand idly by, so they began to work vigorously. As soon as the Japanese garrison in the county seat was attacked, the garrison from all over the country would come to reinforce it, and in several surrounding guerrilla zones there were the main forces of the Eighth Route Army, the local troops of the Kuomintang Army, and a large number of county brigades, district teams, militia and other local armed forces. Although there was no order for coordinated operations between the Eighth Route Army and the Kuomintang Army, the internal communication ability of the Eighth Route Army was very poor, and the communication between the main forces and local forces was also very poor. The various departments in the surrounding guerrilla areas did not know that there was a Li Yunlong who was going to attack the county town. But as long as the Japanese troops come out of their strongholds in front of them, they can't let him walk happily. Can they not take advantage of it? As a result, the various units of the Eighth Route Army, the various units of the Kuomintang Army, and the anti-Japanese armed forces in all areas of northwestern Shansi, including the bandit mountain kings who had gathered in the mountains and forests, were all involved, and northwestern Shansi was really in a mess. The Taiyuan garrison sent a regiment by train to the northwest of Shanxi for reinforcement. After walking dozens of kilometers, the train stopped. The commander got out of the car and saw that more than ten kilometers of tracks were missing. The Japanese troops in Fu'an received reinforcement orders. As soon as they left the stronghold, they repeatedly stepped on the mines and sent engineers to detect the mines. In an instant, they were knocked down by half of the sudden machine gun fire. The Japanese troops were in a hurry and launched a battle formation to rush up,Cold Drawn Tubes, but they missed again. The Japanese commander ordered the attack to advance. The troops fought as they walked, harassing all the way. They walked less than a few dozen kilometers, and more than half of them were killed or wounded. cbiesautomotive.com

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