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Reviewing the past is better than learning the new. Full-time Job

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Love but not, the most grinding. It is not a sharp blade, it can not cut straight into your heart, it is not a silk, it can not easily resolve the time left behind the war. It is a newly born stone, which is washed and honed over and over again, and finally becomes a pebble. Silently hiding in an unknown corner of your heart, once the memory is slightly stirred, it will begin to drift along the vein. You can't control it. What's worse than pain is itching. Pain can be the final word and a death sentence. But behind the itch, there may be some greed, or there may be some introspection- "I could have.." Chapter 7 if you meet again, can you release it? "Happy graduation, my dream." After the graduation party, Gu Mengzhi returned to the dormitory and received a phone call from her close friend Xin Qiyi for ten years. Happy graduation, one by one. Xin Qiyi is Gu Mengzhi's friend in the first year of high school. Because high school is far away from home and time is precious, most students will choose to live on campus. Although it was Gu Mengzhi's first time to live on campus,stainless steel squatting pan, the students were very enthusiastic and got along very well. Xin Qiyi and Gu Mengzhi were deskmates in the first year of high school. Xin Qiyi is a real straight a student. He is loyal and forthright. His short hair has not changed for ten years. He is always dressed as a tomboy. His eyes are focused and capable when he studies and works. Later, after the division of liberal arts and science in the second year of high school, Gu Mengzhi chose liberal arts, and Xin Qiyi stayed in the science class. Because two people in the first year of high school is a science experimental class, so few people study literature, so the school did not reassign the science experimental class dormitory, so Gu Meng and Xin Qiyi have been in the same dormitory for three years in high school,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, the relationship is naturally good. Later, after the college entrance examination, Gu Mengzhi came to Beijing, Xin Qiyi went to Nanjing, and then, the two agreed to go to graduate school together, Gu Mengzhi Baoyan C University, Xin Qiyi was admitted to the School of Economics of Fudan University. Now, they have graduated together and are about to step up to a new level and face new scenery. When will you come to Beijing? I'll pick you up at the airport. Gu Mengzhi asked. The formalities here are almost done, and it is estimated that it will be over in two days. Alas, as soon as I set foot on the society, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, I met such a big task as expanding new business in the company. I guess I will be very busy. But the only good thing is that I can go to Beijing to find you, or I'll be helpless there. Xin Qiyi had already found a job in a securities company in Shanghai. It happened that the company was going to expand its business in Beijing and wanted to transfer some young, promising and hard-working top students. Xin Qiyi was "lucky" to take on this important task. Don't worry, you can come, and I'm sure I'll serve you well. "Well, we've become roommates again after seven years. Do you think fate is wonderful?" Xin Qiyi thought of his future life and could not help sighing. When Gu Mengzhi heard this sentence, his thoughts were drawn to an unknown place. That place has been hidden behind her deliberately avoided memory, Xin Qiyi's words like a thunderbolt, split the layers of fog in front of her eyes, let her see clearly. In fact, it's not far away at all. That meeting was just yesterday. I miss you so much. "So am I." The three words "Me too" lingered in Gu Mengzhi's mind, and she couldn't figure out what the three words of Wen Shutong meant? Why did he suddenly appear in front of her after so many years? Is it a coincidence? But Mingming three years ago? "Yiyi, do you remember Wen Shutong?" Gu Mengzhi stood in front of the French window of the dormitory, looking at the other self reflected in the glass window, and asked softly in an inaudible voice. Wen Shutong? The Winslet from the liberal arts class? "Mmm." "I didn't recognize him at first because he was the actor in the movie that caught fire recently." How could Xin Qiyi not know Wen Shutong, and she also knew how profound Wen Shutong was to Gu Mengzhi. Some time ago, she went to the movies with her classmates, and she felt familiar. Later, when she saw the cast list, it was him. Xin Qiyi hesitated for a moment, but after all, she did not ask Gu Mengzhi about Wen Shutong. She did not want to pierce her scar again. He came to our school for an activity yesterday, and we ran into him. ” "Did he ask you out or did you ask him out?" "No, you may not believe it, but our meeting is like acting in a TV play." Gu Mengzhi thought about it, and then told Xin Qiyi everything about the scene that happened last night. What does he mean by that? He was the one who left without saying goodbye at the beginning, and he was the one who didn't keep his promise later, and now he comes to you out of the blue and says something like this to you? What the hell does he want? Xin Qiyi said angrily. Gu Mengzhi expected that she would react like this and did not speak. Meng Meng? Are you listening? "Oh, I'm here. I won't talk about him. Book a ticket and send the flight number. I'll pick you up then." "Well, I'll see you then. You can rest assured that I won't let you suffer any grievance." Two days later, the plane landed at the Capital International Airport, and the two people who had not seen each other for more than half a year finally met. Gu Mengzhi and Xin Qiyi rented a house near C University. Gu Mengzhi worked in a TV station and Xin Qiyi worked in the International Trade Center. Their workplaces were not very far apart and they often went to and from work together. Two people go hand in hand in the busy city, give each other strength, life slowly handy up. However, Wen Shutong never appeared in Gu Mengzhi's life again. It seems that those three words are just a play, which is his usual trick. I'm so ridiculous. Gu Mengzhi finally admitted. At the same time, An Kaixi finally persuaded Wen Shutong to participate in a reality show. Gu Mengzhi is one of the writers of the reality show. The two men, each with an angry heart,Self-closing Shower Valve, inevitably ran into each other head-on. Is it internecine or mutual warmth? Don't worry, time will give them the answer. The author has something to say: The update is too slow recently! When I come back from my trip, I must update more! Chapter 8 she is about to get married. cnkexin.com

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