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Red-eyed Sword Demon of Online Games Full-time Job

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A golden light fell and hit the Boss. But now you can see that the Boss is completely different from just now. It's not a mutation, but a different way of playing. The attack of Blu-ray almost never hits the Boss. Every time it's easy to escape. Of course, no matter how we play with the Boss now, we feel very hard. What the hell is going on here? Can it be said that the Boss has used any skills with negative effects? Probably not. We haven't been affected by any negative effects. It seems that the Boss can gain the upper hand now. The only explanation is that he has mastered our playing style. However, when Xiaodong and the madman rushed up again, a burst of black smoke suddenly came out and wrapped the two men. When they saw such sobriety, Pepper Sprite was slightly startled. Without saying a word, it showed the sword gas to protect the body. In the protective state of having the sword gas to protect the body. Xiaodong and the madman barely escaped the Boss's attack range, but at this time the Boss suddenly brandished two swords and quickly moved in front of the two assassins. In the case of no way, Yu Haijiao displayed the flame of life to interfere with the Boss, and Xiaodong and Madman also took advantage of this opportunity to escape. You two, don't be reckless first. You can't go on like this. It seems that this Boss's IQ is really high. He actually remembered our playing style in such a short time. "No wonder Boss can easily dodge our attacks every time." "It's not important. What's important is how to make the Boss passive. If we are passive all the time, we are dangerous in this situation." After listening to me, several people answered, and the two mythical beasts were already fighting with the Boss. See the little one with, ice break and a crazy magic attack, directly the Boss again and again back, of course, this is not to suppress the Boss. Ding ~ System: "The player has enabled the skill of Sword Without Trace, and the sword swings in all directions." After the prompt, the effect of the sword swinging in all directions appeared again. A burst of sword gas suddenly passed through the Boss's body, and after a flash of dazzling light, the sword gas suddenly exploded on the Boss's body. At this time, I saw an amazing damage on Boss's head again, -52o6. When the Boss was repelled again this time, our group of people rushed up again, and now the blue light did not hesitate to release the oracle light,ultrasonic handheld welder, while a burst of golden light fell, I also used advanced ghost control to attack the Boss. Because of the oracle and the light, of course. The effect of advanced ghost control is not very obvious. When the effect of the Oracle Light disappears, the Boss suddenly releases a skill. Ding ~ System: "Boss Skeleton King has activated the skill, Dark Magic Sword Dance." After this prompt, I was surprised that the Boss actually used this skill again, and at this moment I don't know when the Boss saw it in front of me. At this time, the Boss will suddenly play a double sword, directly release the sword gas, of course, although we know that the Boss's skills are very powerful, so we can only defend, this time always feel something is wrong. A feared skill suddenly appeared. Ding ~ System: "Boss Skeleton Emperor has activated the skill, and died and withered." Hearing this reminder, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, we were shocked that the Boss had now released death and withering. This skill is really terrible. However, our group of people quickly receded, but at the moment when the flower of death bloomed and withered, a black smoke came. It is the breath of death, the Boss is really extraordinary, two powerful skills will actually take cooperation. Now we run away with all our strength, and we don't have to worry about anything else, let alone think about it. If we are hit by this skill, the nickname will be over. But at this time, I found Xiaodong disappeared. Is it said to be invisible? Sure enough, after the effects of the two powerful skills disappeared, Xiaoran appeared behind the Boss, only to see him wielding the nine-degree black ice blade and stabbing the Boss in the back without hesitation. Roar. After a roar, I saw the Boss's head instantly appeared an injury that we could not believe, this time the injury did not know how Xiaodong caused, but it was absolutely surprising. The Boss's head out of a-26355 (kill hit), although there is a kill hit effect, but it is impossible to hit such a high damage, is it a system problem? But this is not the case, I saw Xiaodong wield a dagger, continuous bursts of blue light, and then he stabbed the Boss's back again, even if the last time was just accidental, but this time is definitely not accidental, every attack, just an ordinary attack, killed the Boss nearly 40,000 life value, is it the weakness of the Boss? In that case, it's easy to handle. The blue light wields the staff, casts the light attack to attack that Boss unceasingly, of course this light attack, is only to attract Boss's hatred. Several of our melee attack classes quickly moved behind the Boss, which of course was not a smooth thing. Fortunately, however, the success was achieved when the famous twelve evil spirits, who were under the silent control, constantly assisted the blue light and interfered with the Boss. At this time, I wield the evil spirit to display the feather of the black dragon, and instantly increase the attack attribute. Then a skill was released. Ding ~ System: "The player has enabled the skill of Sword Without Trace, and the Blood Demon Sword is respected." This time the blood magic sword for respect, with 10 times the power of the merciless hit the Boss's back, but at this moment, I saw the Boss's head suddenly appeared a shocking number of damage,ultrasonic dispersion machine,-87365. This attack, although some missed, but still killed the Boss more than 80000 points of Qi and blood. Let's take advantage of this moment to release our strongest skills and kill this Boss. 。 fycgsonic.com

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