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Rebirth-unique pet Full-time Job

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Although he always goes his own way in doing things, he is as careful as Qin Yiyi in family matters. He wanted to talk about it, but he couldn't find a chance at all. I didn't expect to get such a good news when I came back today. In my heart, this raw rice has been cooked by me, otherwise people would have run away. He answered with unusual cleverness in his mouth. I can't! I'm sure the old man will agree with you. I think everyone is too busy to give you any trouble recently. It was the cheeky smile again, but it made the atmosphere at the table lively at last. Smelly boy, I will be angry with you sooner or later! Bring someone back to me tomorrow. Did not expect Meng Laozi is so efficient, Meng Shukang heart is still a little bit of courage. But on second thought, sooner or later, he gritted his teeth and answered. But this should be the answer, at least to do a good job in advance. Dad, there's something you might not like, but.. Before Meng Shukang had finished speaking, Meng Huaizu waved his hand. All right, I've heard everything. To say that I am old and your wings are hard, as long as you don't regret it in the future. I don't care. The two fathers and sons said so, but Qin Yiyi smiled a little wickedly. It's not that she's playing a prank, it's just that this thing still needs to be said by the parties concerned. Anyway, she thinks the biggest obstacle is the child,Concealed Flush Valve, and since everyone can get over it, it's nothing. Dad, I, thank you! Meng Shukang was so moved that he did not know what to say, and his gratitude to Qin Yiyi was also endless. So the next afternoon, when Meng Shukangsheng pulled the people to stand in front of everyone, except Meng Shichen and Qin Yiyi,Self-closing Faucet, the expression was quite good-looking. Today, the Ji family did not come, to say that the country's appearance also depends on the political, say other people's housework, the Ji family has not yet reached the relationship between the two families of Qin and Meng. So there are only two families sitting in the living room of the Meng family today. Meng Shukang saw that this posture was not good, but didn't he say yesterday that he knew everything? Then look at Qin Yiyi's expression, still light, simply can not see anything, holding people's hands also gradually began to sweat. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the man who had been held tightly by him finally broke away from his hand. Not Qin Yiyi's memory of uninhibited free and easy, but clean, neither humble nor arrogant standing in the center of the hall, really worthy of the proud Chinese family. I'm sorry to come here. My name is Hua Xiao. Now that they are all here, Service Sink Faucets ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, he, Hua Xiao, is not an evader. He immediately said hello and introduced himself. And the name of this Hua Xiao in the imperial residence is called Xiao Xiao. No wonder no one can find the background of Hua Xiao, the original early was Meng Shukang to hide. Look at the unexpectedly beautiful man brought by my son. Meng Huaizu still felt a stream of blood rush to the top of his head, and it took him a long time to recover. The line of sight suddenly became stern, and he looked at the two men standing below and said. Meng Shukang, you say it! Hearing this tone, Meng Shukang knew that he must have made a mistake yesterday. He sighed to himself and then took Hua Xiao's hand. Dad, he's the one I like. I'm serious. When he realized that he had fallen in love with a man, he was not without shock and struggle. But since love is love, what's the difference between a man and a woman. Looking at his son's firm eyes, Meng Huaizu's anger suddenly went out. Meng Shukang knows that as a father, of course, he knows what kind of person his son is. He was neither young and impulsive, nor did he act recklessly. If he would do so, he must have thought about the consequences. But he asked, "Do you know what you're doing?"? Do you know how much pressure you will face in the future? Can you bear all this? Will you say this sentence as firmly as you do today? A series of questions, so that the following Meng Shukang and Hua Xiao fundus more and more heavy, and everyone is also quiet waiting for two people to answer. The first to move was Hua Xiao, who looked up at Meng, who was sitting in the upper seat, and then looked at his hand, which was still being held tightly at this time. Helpless and gentle smile, finally gently back to hold the hand that gave him countless warmth. Once he thought the world was cold, but this man told himself again and again that he could have warmth. Feeling the strength in his hands, Meng Shukang woke up from deep thinking, and then looked up in surprise at Hua Xiao, who was smiling at himself with a soft face. Hua Xiao this is the first time he saw, do not know why, suddenly let him a little want to cry. He stared at Hua Xiao with red eyes for a while, and when he looked at the old man again, his firm look had been engraved into the bone marrow. I don't know what will happen in the future, and I can't guarantee whether I can carry it or not. Listening to this sentence, all the people present frowned, but the expressions of Mr. Meng, Mr. Qin and Mr. Qin had not changed. And Hua Xiao still looked at Meng Shukang with a smile. The look of trust gave him infinite courage. But what I know for sure is that the day I can't carry it is the moment I die. No matter how hard it is, I don't want to let go of these hands. Meng Shukang had never said such disgusting words, and the impact on Hua Xiao was equally great. He always knew that Meng Shukang was serious, but he didn't know that he was already serious in his heart. What an infatuation. Qin Yiyi sat in Meng Shichen's arms, holding his little chin in his hand and saying something gently, breaking the strange atmosphere. I am the most infatuated! Meng Shichen was followed by a sentence with a very heavy tone, which fully expressed his psychology. They're different. "I like babies even if they are men." After thinking about it, he added. I don't like people,Flush valve price, I like everything. Meng Shichen's confession has always been straightforward, even sweet words are just the idea of the heart, the parties are not conscious at all. And this sentence succeeded in making everyone laugh except Qin Yiyi. cnkexin.com

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