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Quickly wear xt: villain boss attack! Full-time Job

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The whole space fell into a dead silence. They didn't see how she broke the plate at all, or even how the pieces were shot into the body. Shen Ming's heart jumped, Mu Changfeng's daughter. Have you learned the book of the five wonders? Nie Zhuangzhu's face was dark. He lowered his voice and whispered to Shen Ming, "Brother Shen, this matter is troublesome." "Trouble may be in the back." Shen Ming has a bad feeling. Mingshu folded his hands on his legs and smiled as before. "Now, does anyone want to look for it?" Shen Ming suppressed the irritability of the bottom of his heart and went forward to explore the pulse of those people. They were still alive, but the bleeding was a little serious, but they should not die. This woman.. Shen Ming asked someone to take him down for treatment first. He discussed with Nie Zhuangzhu for a moment. Okay, we're looking. But if you don't find it, Master Mu, you won't be able to step out of the Half Moon Villa today. Mingshu smiled without a word. If she can't get out, she can die. —— Nie Zhuangzhu asked everyone to disperse to look for it. He took Shen Ming back to the study. Did Mu Changfeng's daughter come back for revenge? Lord Nie paced anxiously in the room. "I sent you a message. Why did you bring so many people here?"? There are so many people now. Shen Ming's face was not good. "I didn't inform them. When I came over, they also arrived. It was the people in your villa who leaked the news." "Impossible, in my village." Nie Zhuangzhu suddenly changed his words. "It's them." The man who had sex with Nie Shuang asked him to go back and prepare the dowry. He was the only one who left the villa recently. Not to mention how the news got out, not many people know about it, so don't worry about it for the time being. The important thing now is the Five Unique Treasures. When this thing first came out, I remember it was in the hands of your daughter? Did you really get the Book of Five Wonders? Nie Zhuangzhu shook his head. "I don't want to see the Five Treasures in my life.". As for the frost, I asked, she said that she was framed by Mu Ling, she started to rush to the Half Moon Villa, she may. I see "There's nothing in your villa. Since you don't have it, let them look for it." "I don't believe it,liquid bottle filling machine," said Shen Ming. "She really has five unique treasures. She dares to put them in the villa for these people to rob." Finally, Shen Ming patted Nie Zhuangzhu on the shoulder, "Even if she is the daughter of Mu Changfeng, she is just a young girl." Lord Nie's eyes sank and he nodded slightly. Shen Ming and Nie Zhuangzhu talked in the study for a while, and then left the study. Outside the corridor chaos, Nie Zhuangzhu face is not happy, next to Shen Ming motioned him to endure, if not let these people find, when the time comes is really trouble. The whole villa was full of people, and the servants stood shivering aside, watching these people rummage through boxes and cabinets like bandits. Elder Brother What's wrong Nie Shuang looked at the people in the room and frowned. Nie Bin touched Nie Shuang's head. "It's all right. It'll be all right in a minute.". Hurry up, water bottle packaging machine ,water filling machine, my sister is not feeling well. The people in the room quickly searched and found nothing, so they could only come out and look ahead. "Is there a room ahead?" Nie Bin nodded, "that's the second sister's room. Recently, the second sister is not in the village." "Go and search." Brother, what are they looking for? Did you offend someone in the village? Nie Bin didn't want to tell Nie Shuang, but Nie Shuang's eyes made him involuntarily say: "The leader of Wujue God Sect said that Wujue Treasure Book is in our village, and now those sects need to search again." How can the Wujue Treasure Book be in the village? Did she think she was on herself, so she came to the Half Moon Villa? When Nie Bin saw that Nie Shuang's face was not good, he quickly asked, "Shuang, what's wrong?" "Brother." Nie Shuang grabbed Nie Bin's hand, "this is a good opportunity, we can take the opportunity to leave the villa." "But my godfather." How can he leave now for such a big thing? Brother, if I miss this opportunity, my father will take strict care of me. Until that man comes to marry me, do you want to see me marry someone else and never see me again? Nie Bin struggled in his heart. "You clean up and meet at the back door later." —— Nie Zhuangzhu and Shen Ming returned to the hall. At this time, there were only a few school leaders in the hall, each looking in different directions, and the atmosphere was somewhat strange. When they came in, a shadow quickly jumped to Mingshu's feet. Mingshu's palm was slightly open. The shadow jumped and fell on Mingshu's palm. Mingshu turned his palm over and retracted into his sleeve. The little beast found a comfortable place to lie down in Mingshu's sleeve, and then imitated the conversation with Mingshu. Mingshu looked thoughtfully in the direction of Shen Ming and Lord Nie. The whole villa was turned upside down, but there was still no news that anyone had found the Five Treasures. Shovel shit, aren't you afraid they'll find it and hide it? "They don't know the Wujue Treasure Book. How can they hide it?" Mingshu sneered from the bottom of his heart. "Do you think the four words of Wujue Treasure Book are written on it?" Beasts wonder, don't they? What does that say? "You guess." I'm not guessing. The little beast groaned and said, "How can the shoveler be so relieved to let these people look for it?". Insidious! I remember the Manchu-Han banquet. Sure enough, those people did not know the Wujue Treasure Book, and they brought back all the books that they thought were the Wujue Treasure Book for the sect to look at. Soon there were a lot of books in the hall. Mingshu has been sitting in the old God, and even asked Nie Zhuangzhu to prepare for her. It's all been searched. No. "I didn't find.." One after another, people came back to report, but no one found the Five Treasures. Devil, what else do you have to say? Mingshu finished his last sip of tea, stood up holding the cup, and went to the place where the books were stacked. "You didn't find it. That's your stupidity." She reached out and pulled out a slightly old book from it, and the pile of books collapsed. Mingshu raised the book in his hand, "Thank you for your help." The crowd looked at the book in her hand and wrote the recipe. Food! Spectrum! Two big words. Devil, don't you know how to read? Even if you don't know the four words of Wujue Baodian,Beverage packing machine, there are only two words. Who are you fooling? "Fooling you." "You.." Mingshu sat back with the book, and everyone saw that the font on the cover began to fade, and then the golden five words appeared again. gzxilinear.com

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