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Powder makeup seizes the plot Full-time Job

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Old Wei smiled when he heard this and said to her, "Although the prince doesn't care about the accounts, he is smart. These years, he just doesn't know. In fact, he knows it in his heart." Su Feng said with a warm smile, "He's clear, it's nothing, just don't tell him deliberately." Wei Lao nodded, "the girl has privately entered more than ten accounts of Rong An Wang Fu over the years.". In the past, Rong An Wang Fu was as poor as a church mouse, and Wang Ye was incorruptible, and had been relying on the dowry of the princess to supplement the expenses of the mansion. During the First World War on the border, there was an urgent need for food and grass, and Wang Ye and the princess even hollowed out Rong An Wang Fu as a supply of grass. Therefore, after the prince returned to Beijing, the mansion was really nothing left to him except an empty mansion. Before General Su left the capital, he sold his belongings and left a sum of money for the prince to subsidize himself. Plus the rewards of the emperor, the queen mother and the imperial concubine, it only lasted a few years. Su Fengnuan nodded. Wei Laodao, "a few years later, I received the first account from the girl. At that time, the little old man asked the girl, but the girl didn't tell me where it came from.". Now flash so many years, every year can receive the girl to the house of the income. After all,juice filling machine, today's Rong An Wang Fu is even more abundant than the national treasury. It really makes the little old man admire the girl's means of making a living. Su Feng said with a warm smile, "I don't have the right money." Old Wei said with a smile, "These years, from the accounts, the little old man also saw some doorways, mining private mines, selling private salt is really not right.". The court has law and discipline, and the supervisor has supervision. But the girl can escape the supervision of the court, so many years,liquid bottle filling machine, it is really impressive. Su Feng said with a warm smile, "I don't do it now.". These are the last three accounts. Wei Lao was stunned and looked at Su Fengnuan. Su Fengnuan said, "I haven't been to Beijing for two years and eight months. Ye Chang thought I was angry with him, but in fact it's not all.". I'm going to deal with this. After all, the exploitation of private mines and the sale of private salt cannot be done for a long time, especially now that the emperor is old, the time for the replacement of the old and the new is not far away. We still have to take the right path. Although I am Ye Chang, I don't want him to be criticized for digging out this foundation in the future. So, it took some time to sweep the tail and break it clean. Today's industry is aboveboard. Old Wei suddenly said, "The girl is intelligent and wise. She is neither greedy nor dry. She is contented to stop. She knows that there is something to be done. It is precious to do it at the right time and place." Su Fengnuan laughed. "Don't praise me. I can't help being praised." Wei Lao sighed, "How lucky the prince is to meet a girl." Su Fengnuan smiled and said nothing. Wei Lao looked at her, "the emperor intends to marry the prince and the girl, the heart is very high, the girl made a scene in front of the queen mother, has been disliked by the queen mother.". "It would be a good marriage if the emperor could make an imperial edict and promise this marriage." Su Fengnuan smiled and shook his head. "I won't marry Ye Chang." Old Wei was stupefied and looked at Su Fengnuan in amazement. "What did the girl say?"? You and the prince have had a deep friendship since childhood. The girl has done so many things for the prince. Obviously, she has the prince in her heart. Now the good marriage is here. Why did the girl say.. Su Fengnuan waved his hand, PET blow moulding machine ,Edible oil filling machine, stopped his words, looked down at the ground, raised his head again, and said to him with a smile, "There is no reason, I just want him to be good, protect him, he married and had children, life Anshun, is my wish." Old Wei's complexion was really indescribable. He looked at her and asked tentatively, "What is the secret of the girl?"? Still the person that psychology has to like? Su Fengnuan shook his head. "No, it's just a wish." Wei Lao had nothing to say for a moment. Su Fengnuan stood up and said to him with a smile, "You're busy." Wei Lao hurriedly got up to see her off until she left. After he closed the door, he was still unable to calm down for a long time because of her words. He always thought that this was a good marriage, the prince loved the girl very much, the girl was a daughter's family, these years for the prince to do so, ordinary people are extremely difficult. But unexpectedly, I heard such words today. When he heard it, he found it hard to accept, let alone the prince? Does the prince know that she has no intention of marrying him? Chapter eighty knock on the mountain and shake the tiger. Ye Chang slept for half a day, woke up at noon, and regained some of his spirit. After dinner, he took Qianhan and Su Fengnuan out of Rong'an Wangfu and drove to the Ministry of Punishment. Passing through the busiest main street in the capital of the Southern Qi Dynasty, he happened to come out of the Red Pink Building and met with the carriage of Rong An Wang Fu. Statement waved to stop the carriage, thousand cold see statement, immediately reined in the reins of the horse, greeted him, "two childe." The statement turned sideways, put his hand on the shaft of the car, looked at Su Fengnuan, who was sitting beside Qianhan, and asked, "Who is this man?"? Why haven't I seen it before? Qian Han said, "the prince's newly promoted bodyguard." "Oh?" She looked at Su Fengnuan inquiringly and looked at him for a long time, but she didn't see anything, just an ordinary appearance, thin and thin. He asked, "Didn't your son treat you as a little darling all these years?"? Apart from you, there are no outsiders around. How can you promote a new guard now? Qian Han did not know how to answer for a moment and looked back at the carriage. Ye Chang opened the curtain from the inside, looked out and raised his eyebrows lazily. "Didn't you go home last night?"? Do you really live in the pink building? The statement nodded, "Yes, didn't you say that I couldn't sleep in the pink building?" Ye Chang looked at him with a smile and said with deep meaning, "It seems that you slept very well yesterday." "Bah," said the statement. "What are you thinking about? Is the young master the kind of person who is a brusque beauty? Last night, I chatted with rustling for a while. The rain was too heavy. My mother found another room for me to rest. Ye Chang looked at him. "Did I say anything else?"? Just ask you if you slept well. Who on earth has a crooked mind? Make a statement. Ye Chang laughed. "There is really no silver here." The words fell, and he dropped the curtain. The statement eats Ga, in the heart secretly scolds Ye Chang this bastard, the heart turns too quickly, although he just did not speak out, the look in the eyes is not that meaning? Angrily, he opened the curtain again and asked, "Why did you suddenly promote a new guard?" Ye Chang leaned against the wall of the car,PET blowing machine, stretched out one leg, and sat lazily with one leg propping up the car. Wen Yan asked, "Have you heard the imperial edict of the emperor today?" 。 gzxilinear.com

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