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Our Jingshan. Full-time Job

2 months ago Training Sacramento   50 views
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Yoon walked up to the camera and respectfully took the album and the pink backpack. She carried the pink backpack and took the album to the camera and said angrily, "I will win the championship and let Mom and Dad go on a happy trip!" Then he shook his fist to show his sincerity. "Yoon, next you need to take a picture of a certain part of your body and send it to your opponent," said PD. "Well, where should I shoot?" After hearing PD's words, Yoon asked, and before PD could answer, eight of them came around. "Of course it's Yoon's face. Yoon is so beautiful!" Said Xiuying "Are you stupid?"? The other party recognized it as soon as he patted his face. "Taeyeon's words directly killed Soo-young." "Eyes, eyes!" Tiffany is confident of her proposal After 10 minutes of discussion, with the camera faithfully recording, Yoona took a selfie to her eyes with the mobile phone provided by PD. Looking at her lovely coquetry, Yoona was very satisfied. Finally, under the guidance of PD, she sent the photo to her opponent. After sending the MMS, Yoona handed the mobile phone to PD and asked, "PD, what are we going to do next?" Yoon's question almost made PD, who was holding the camera, fall down. PD wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "Think of me as air!"! You do what you have to do, but.. PD drags out the sound "But what?" Yoon asked curiously. If you steal food,sonicator homogenizer, you will be fined! Take a good look at the rules in the album first! PD said the answer. "Ah!" Heard to eat Yuner because of the good mood of sending MMS and donw down, at this time, Xiuying did not know whether it was intentional or intentional to say, "Ah, it's 10 o'clock, first come to the bottom of snacks!" "Yes!"! Let me see what I have to eat. Hyoyeon is also a noisy master, rushing to the corner where snacks are piled up, "Xiuying,ultrasonic spray nozzle, how about beef jerky?" "Ernie, I want to eat too!" Busy inside also follow to make trouble. "You.." You I'm going to draw circles and curse you! Yoon'mercilessly 'shouted. Hyoyeon turned out the beef jerky, one person a small bag of distribution down, Xiuying deliberately walked to the front of Yoon son, slowly tore open the bag, first with the nose to smell, "really fragrant ah!"! The beef jerky made by Han Niu is delicious. Do you want to eat it? Then he pretended to hand it to Yoon; Yoon looked at the beef jerky in front of him, turned his head and looked at the PD holding the camera, PD did not speak, but smiled wickedly: eat it, you will be fined if you eat it. Shaking his head vigorously, Yoon'painfully 'refused Xiuying, turned his back, out of sight and out of mind; Xiuying took back the beef jerky, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic molten metal, from chewing to swallowing, that kind of action is like slow motion in action movies, all of which stimulate Yoon's gourmet nerves. "Ah!"! You I drink water! Yoon went to get a bottle of water angrily and drank it, but everyone laughed, including Jingshan outside the camera, looking at Yoon's appearance, he was both distressed and happy, thinking about how to help? Thoughts also drifted back to the previous life "ten thousand yuan of happiness" Yoon son that episode, Jingshan himself did not know, he unconsciously to Yoon son's feelings have changed, just now. In the morning, "Happiness of Ten Thousand yuan" ended in Yoon's drinking water and eating beef jerky, but Yoon's suffering is not over yet, because the lunch time is coming! The girls set out for the company canteen in small groups, while Yoon stayed alone in the practice room. PD deliberately asked, "Yoon XI, why don't you go to dinner?" “……” Yoon did not answer, after giving PD a pair of supercilious looks, he continued to sit on the floor in a daze, thinking about how to make up for the loss of the day at night. "This dead uncle shifted the responsibility to Song Jifan OPPA, mostly because he recommended me to the program group!"! I'm so angry! Let him buy me a lot of delicious compensation in the evening!!! "Yoon, remember when I told you to look at the rules carefully?" PD kindly reminded. "What?"? You mean this? Yoon raised the album in his hand, and PD nodded; Yoon immediately looked at it, but it didn't take 10 seconds to close the album again, "PD adult, will you tell me?" The voice is full of coquetry, listening to the PD for a while comfortable, PD comfortable slowly opened his mouth, "that is, you can use the performance for food ah!"! However "Really?"? Thank you, Lord PD! After listening to the explanation of PD, Yoon immediately stood up and ran to the canteen. PD sighed and followed him with the camera. He still had something to say. After arriving at the canteen, Yoon quickly found the table of Girls' Generation. The sisters were already eating a lot. After seeing Yoon, he made a joke. "Taeyeon, don't you think the fried pork chops are very delicious today?" Xiuyan opened her mouth and said that the girl seemed to have variety potential? It's not like the previous life, which is always in a daze. "Yes!"! The aunt in the canteen is very attentive today! It's delicious! Taeyeon answered after taking a bite of the pork chop on her dinner plate. "And this mixed dish is also good!" He added, picking it up with chopsticks and dangling it in front of Yoon's eyes. Yoon looked at her sisters and hated them so much that her teeth itched, but she couldn't do anything in front of the camera. She turned to PD and asked, "Lord PD, what do I have to perform to get food?" "I just didn't say you ran away, although the performance can be exchanged for food, but you still have to pay!" PD said with a smile Or do you have to pay? Ah Forget it, I'm not used to it! Yoon gave a long roar and said, "What do you want to see?" Yoon asked the girls at the table. "Curiosity dance!!!" Everyone said tacitly as if they had discussed it. "Quirky dance??" Yoon's head grew bigger in an instant. "Can you change it?" "Do you choose not to eat or to hunt for novelty?" Soo-yeon doesn't give Yoon-ah a chance. "I jump!" Yoon answered, followed by a novelty dance, but did not do a few movements to stop, because the novelty dance is too ugly! Hands crossed back and forth in front of the knee,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the knee is also synchronized from side to side, and finally in the hand gesture to the head; see Yoon son stop, we quit. fycgsonic.com

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