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New alchemy Full-time Job

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That would seem crazy. It would seem crazy to throw away the mind and go back to childhood. Then go crazy! But whatever it takes, be like a child again. Jesus said that only those who are like children can enter my kingdom of God. I'm going to say the same thing. Go back to the point where civilization starts to corrupt you, go back to the point where education starts to corrupt you, go back to where society enters. Return to the point where you have not yet been socialized, to the time when the forces of society have not been imposed on you. Return to the point where you are innocent and pure, and unless you return to that point again, the obstacle will still exist. To be a child again. In the process, you will feel that you are crazy because you are abandoning all your adult values: education, culture, religion, classics, etiquette. You're throwing away everything. You are returning to the point where society has not yet corrupted you. The whole process may seem crazy, but it's not. It's an outlet. If you can experience it,best green coffee bean extract, you will come out of it more sober and less crazy. Madness will be thrown away. You will become more pure and sober. wWw。 xiaoshuo txt.coM The fourth chapter wants what you can't get. Small. Say .t|xt. Days + "Only desire what is in you." It seems absurd, paradoxical, illogical: to want only what is in you. Desire is basically for what is not in you. Desire is the desire for something that is not in you. If it is already in you, is it necessary to desire it? We never want to be who we are. We always want something else. No man can desire himself; there is no need. You're already like that; you're not missing anything. What you want is what you miss. This verse says, "Seek only what is in you." There are many reasons. First, if you want something that is not in you,tannic acid astringent, you may get it, but it will never become yours. It can't be yours. In fact, you will never become its master; you will only become a slave. The possessor is always occupied by his possession. The greater the number of possessions, the greater the slavery created. You are occupied by your possession, and you want to become the master. There will be setbacks, because your whole hope has been frustrated. You reach a point where everything you want exists, and whatever you want has happened, but you have become a slave. Now the kingdom seems to be nothing more than a prison, and whatever you have, jujube seed powder ,ghana seed extract, or think you have, is not really owned, because it can be taken away at any time. Even if no one will take them, death is bound to take them. In religious terms, what can be taken away by death does not belong to you. Death is the measure. There is only one measure of whether you really own something. Judge by death, then see if you still have it after death. If death will take it away, then you never had it. It's just an illusion. Is there anything that death cannot take away from you? If there is no such thing, then religion has no meaning. But there is something that death cannot control and that is hidden from you. You already have it. It is your innermost nature. It's already with you; you were born with it. Or it's better to say that you are it, not that you have it. If you own it, it can be taken away. You are it, and it is your essence. It is your foundation; it is your being. That is the so-called Atman. Atman means something you already have. No one can take it away from you; not even death can destroy it. This verse says, "Only desire what is in you." Desire the Atman, desire your innermost self, desire the center you already have, but you have completely forgotten. Why do people forget? It's a necessity. In order to survive, attention must be focused on the outside world. In order to survive, to exist, to stay in life, you must constantly pay attention to all kinds of things: food, shelter. The body needs attention. It can get sick. It has a tendency to suffer. The body continues to struggle for survival, because there is death for the body. The body is constantly struggling with death, so it must receive constant attention. The body is always in a state of emergency because death can happen at any moment. You have to be constantly aware and constantly aware of this battle with death, so your full attention goes out. No energy is left within. This is a necessary condition for survival. That is why we keep forgetting that there is an immortal, eternal center of absolute joy within us. Pain attracts attention; suffering attracts attention. If you have a headache, your attention will move to the head; you will perceive that you have a head. If the headache goes away, you will forget your head. You will become headless, as if you had no head. The body is only felt when it is sick. If your body is perfectly healthy, you won't feel it. You will become weightless. In fact, you will become without a body. This is the only measure of true health: the body is not felt at all. When the body is felt, it means that there is some kind of disease, some kind of harassment. Your attention is called. There are so many problems from the outside world that your attention is constantly occupied by the outside world. That is why you forget that there is something immortal, divine,naringenin price, joyful right at the center of your being. This passage says: "Only desire what is in you." 「…… For in you is the light of the world, the only light that shines on the Tao. If you cannot receive it in yourself, it is useless to look for it elsewhere. Next verse: "Only desire what is beyond you." 。 prius-biotech.com

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