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National policy Full-time Job

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Within 10 seconds, two torpedoes were out of the Swordfish's torpedo tubes. Fire control parameters. "Target 1 bearing 85, range 42, depth 220, speed above 18, target 2 bearing 100, range 44, depth 210, speed above 15, is being entered into the torpedo fire control system." Hua Jianfeng nodded and said, "Change the No.3 torpedo to the wire-guided mode, lock the No.2 target, and open the front cover tube of the torpedo." "The front cover of the No.3 torpedo tube is open." "Enter fire control parameters, self-propelled exit tube, wire-guided slow mode." With a slight noise, "Swordfish" fired a third torpedo. It took less than two minutes from the receipt of the sonar wave from the US submarine to the third torpedo. Captain,cosmetic plastic tube, target 3, two torpedoes, speed 70, target 1 enemy boat. Hua Jianfeng frowned slightly. The reaction speed of 095 is too slow. Captain, third and fourth torpedoes, speed 70,eye cream packaging tube, bearing 15, range 12, to enemy boat number two. Le Jiacheng was stupefied and said, "Du Xinghua and Liu Haifeng are here!" "Well, I told you they wouldn't miss it." Hua Jianfeng smiled coldly, "We can't fall behind Du Xinghua and Liu Haifeng in calculating the time of torpedo hit." Le Jiacheng nodded and immediately picked up the stopwatch. Captain, enemy boat number one fires two torpedoes, speed 65, at target number four. Hua Jianfeng's eyebrows jumped a few times and then glanced at his watch. Enemy Boat No.2 turns and fires torpedoes, two, speed 65, cosmetic tube packaging ,polyfoil tube, to target No.3. "Enemy boat torpedo hit time!" Hua Jianfeng immediately looked at Le Jiacheng. 18 and 17. Le Jiacheng did not use a stopwatch and worked out the answer directly. "It's too far. 095 can escape by turning in 10 minutes." Hua Jianfeng nodded his head. Then wait. Du Xinghua and Liu Haifeng are not foolhardy. "The US submarine will also turn to escape." "Manually control the torpedo." Hua Jianfeng took two steps away and made way for Le Jiacheng. "Suppose the US submarine turns to escape after eight minutes and resets the course for the torpedo." "Intercept?" Hua Jianfeng nodded his head. The distance is too far, and both sides have enough time to escape. Du Xinghua and Liu Haifeng can't win the battle. Whether they can kill the American submarine depends on our three torpedoes. Le Jiacheng is very clear about Hua Jianfeng's intentions. The U.S. submarine captain will certainly estimate the attack distance of the heavy electric torpedo at maximum speed, determine the turning escape time, and ensure that it escapes from the attack range of the torpedo. The three torpedoes launched by "Swordfish" are slower, not only have a longer range, but also are not easy to be detected. When the US submarines avoid the attack of two 095s, and then let the approaching three torpedoes turn to full-speed autonomous attack mode, they will be able to achieve unexpected results. The "Swordfish" once again played the role of "shadow killer." Captain, the American submarine turned and accelerated to avoid the torpedo. Hua Jianfeng's eyebrows jumped a few times. Only five minutes later, the American submarine turned. When the submarine turns, the wire connecting the torpedo must be cut off, and the torpedo enters the autonomous attack mode ahead of time, so the hit rate will be greatly reduced. Target 3 and 4 are accelerating. "Son of a bitch, you have a lot of courage!" Hua Jianfeng muttered in a low voice, "Course 95, depth 240, speed 18, No.4 torpedo ready to fire." At this time, the US submarine turned its back to the "Swordfish", and the detection capability of passive sonar was greatly reduced. The encounter turned into a chase, and there was no longer any suspense. Volume III Surging Waves in the East China Sea Chapter 93 the cooked duck flies. Before daybreak, when the officers of the headquarters were still immersed in the joy of the great victory in the air, the submarine force sent the latest battle report. Four 093 class attack nuclear submarines surrounded and annihilated the Japanese fleet preparing to attack the Diaoyu Islands about 120 kilometers away from Chiwei Island, sinking three destroyers, seven frigates and five landing ships, including three "Osumi" class submarines, without any damage to the participating submarines. Subsequently, news came from the Air Force that four Japanese anti-submarine patrol planes were shot down in the northeast of Chiwei Island. Xiang immediately ordered the Navy and Air Force to send fighter planes to strengthen combat readiness patrols, expel all Japanese anti-submarine patrol aircraft entering the war zone, and cover the return of four attack nuclear submarines. At 6:45, after confirming that four attack nuclear submarines were returning to the submarine base at the fastest speed, Xiang Qianhui sent out the news of victory. How Peng Maobang will publicize the great victory just won by the Navy and Air Force of the Republic, and how Ji Youguo will make use of the military victory, need not be considered by Xiang Qianhui. Although the first round of the second stage of the conflict is over, there are still many things waiting for Xiang Qianhui to deal with. It was not until 7:30 that Xiang Qianhui went to have breakfast. Before he could finish his breakfast, the colonel who commanded for him came running. What "One American submarine was sunk and another was wounded and escaped." "Are you kidding me?" Xiang Qianhui dropped his chopsticks and quickly picked up the cigarette at hand. Absolutely right. The message came from the Sea Serpent and the Sea Python. It's just that it wasn't them who sank and damaged the American submarine. "Who is that?" Xiang Qianhui was slightly stupefied. I knew this question was superfluous. The colonel gave a wry smile. "Who else could it be?" "Where is the place of battle?" Xiang Qianhui stood up. Walk out of the restaurant. Close to the war zone. It can be counted in the war zone. It can also be counted outside the war zone. The colonel kept up with Xiang Qianhui's pace. Said. Report the situation according to the Sea Serpent. Both sides opened fire almost simultaneously. The report from the Sea Python is similar. It is impossible to determine who fired first. Only "Just what?" "It's just that I don't know if Hua Jianfeng fired ahead of time." Xiang Qianhui frowned slightly. This Hua Jianfeng never makes people worry, but his boy's ability is really good. If it hadn't been for him last year,metal cosmetic tubes, I'm afraid Lin Xiaolei would have lost badly. "Can the number one ace captain be worse?" Xiang Yihui smiled and said, "It doesn't matter who fired first. What matters is that the battle was born near the war zone, and the US submarine also used torpedoes." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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