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Miaomiao [wear quickly] Full-time Job

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There is no need to see a person with a white face, even if that person looks like the king of the prairie, no one has ever thought about that. Is the prince, if not for this pit master's myna, the impression of the prairie king with a big beard is deeply rooted in his mind, he would not have thought that the person in front of him would be the prairie king. Qin Changan looked at his nose and pretended not to understand what he was saying. He said respectfully, "Your Highness has mistaken me for someone else. Although the slave is similar to the king of the prairie, people are similar. The slave is actually a small Qin son in the flower and bird house." Fart little Qin Zi! The prince was trembling with anger at his impudence. "How could I not know when there was a little Qin Zi in the Flower and Bird Workshop?!" "Here, the prince is busy every day, and the slave is a little Chamberlain." When Miaomiao saw the two of them looking at each other, he added in a small voice, "In fact, it's normal for the emperor's brother not to know that he's in the flower and bird room, because he's in the Miaomiao Palace now." It's really someone from the Miaomiao Palace. ……” As soon as Miaomiao's reason came out, the two people reacted differently. Prince not, open, heart, the emperor's sister also speak for him! Qin Changan could not help but raise his lips and raise the corners of his mouth. Yes, he is Miaomiao's man! — "See His Royal Highness,Jumping castle with slide, His Royal Highness!" The guards on patrol saw the prince and several small eunuchs behind him approaching in the distance, so they folded their fists and saluted, strictly abiding by the rules and not looking up. Get up. The prince gave a hum, and the apricot robe flashed in front of them. After waiting for the prince to pass, the guards raised their eyes and looked over there twice, and continued to patrol. I don't know if it was because of his hearing, but he felt that the prince's mood was not particularly good. Of course not!!! The prince walked so fast that he almost lost all the eunuchs behind him. When he arrived at the place where a group of people lived on the prairie,Inflatable 5k obstacle, he had already endured to the extreme. He felt that the veins on his forehead were jumping, and he especially wanted to take out the prairie king and the man who dared to do so, but he couldn't do that! Not only can't, he has to help the prairie king cover his tracks and wipe his ass! …… Why is he so depressed? "I won't go in. This time I heard that the king of the prairie was not feeling well. I heard that the little eunuch was good at serving flowers and birds. I brought him here. It's better to let the king of the prairie try." The prince glanced at the little eunuch behind him. "But there are strict rules in the palace. It's better not to run around." Especially to the palace. Little Qin Zi pretended not to hear. Before Ada could say anything, he saw that the crown prince had already thrown his sleeve robe and left. Ada: "…?" Ada couldn't make head or tail of the purpose of the crown prince's coming, and this man was a nail or something else, so he simply prepared to put the little eunuch's heart in a random place, and wait for the master to wake up and then haggle over it. Unexpectedly, in a twinkling of an eye, he saw that the little eunuch had no intention of trembling, and had already pushed the door directly into the palace. Unbridled! Ada got angry and pulled out the knife. The little eunuch took off his hat and looked back at him. "What are you presumptuous about?" “…… Master, master, master? Ada was stunned, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable air dancer, the knife almost fell to the ground and hit his foot, looking at the man in the little eunuch costume in disbelief, "Master, why are you dressed like this?" No, his face is the end of the world, broken voice, "Master, where is your beard?" Didn't he treasure this beard before? Qin Changan coughed, "go out for a walk." …… Cheat the ghost! Who walks around dressed like this, Ada thought, and he took two steps to follow, screaming, "Master, you haven't told me what happened to your beard yet?" Qin Changan did not have the previous beard to be knocked off a few will be desperately with others posture, the eunuch hat thrown down, on the contrary, in a good mood, "you did not see?"? Shave it. He said with a straight face, "The king recently discovered that a man should be beautiful without a beard, which is really not very beautiful." “???” Wasn't he the one who vowed never to shave before? Qin Changan brainwashed him, "What are your eyes? The beard is too hard. It's inconvenient to clean your face in the morning. And in order to take good care of it, the effort spent on the beard every day is too wasteful and not very beautiful.". Get rid of the beard and the whole person is refreshed. "Is there any truth in what Ben Wang said?" …… It seems a little. Ada thought along his train of thought that the beard was really a little uncomfortable, and the clean face was really inconvenient. Bah! He was almost taken askew, and Ada absolutely did not believe that he shaved his beard because of this! And dressed up as a little eunuch. I don't know what he's going to do. — After sending the prairie king back, the prince dealt with the follow-up and went back to find Miaomiao. Before the prairie king, he did not say much to Miaomiao, at most asked a few words how the two of them met. This time there are only two brothers and sisters, the prince no longer has scruples, want to ask all the questions, for example, she really decided to go and marry? She and the king of the prairie only a few days, do not understand the temperament of the king of the prairie, these days the performance of the king is likely to be faked; Moreover, the grassland is far away and the climate is harsh, not as prosperous as the capital. She has been rich since childhood. If she marries to the grassland, the eating habits of that place are far from those of the capital. Her future treatment will be different from that of the capital, and she must suffer a lot. Has she thought about all this? Miao-miao knew that he was good for him. He thought about it carefully and approached him with his eyebrows and eyes. "Brother, don't worry about Miao-miao." Prince thought he would say a constitution, but listen to her as a matter of course, "Miaomiao so lovely, Chang'an will not be willing to suffer Miaomiao." Prince: "…" He was almost angry with her. Taking himself as an example, the prince analyzed a wave of men who liked the new and hated the old and loved beauty. Even if they valued their wives very much,Inflatable water park on lake, it was hard to avoid spoiling their more beautiful concubines. Not to mention that men's minds are mostly on the family and country, many times women's affairs are trivial in their eyes, and they don't care at all. Both inside and outside the words mean that it is not feasible to put all hope on men. But Miaomiao didn't put her hopes on men. She believed in herself. joyshineinflatables.com

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Mistakenly Married Princess of the Flourishing Age