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Jianghu is full of local tyrants. Full-time Job

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Dark guard has already bought soup dumplings and vermicelli soup, by the way, Wen Liunian also called over to have breakfast together. The hairball still generously gave him a bag of beef jerky, which was very generous and chivalrous. Shen Qianling was absent-minded. After eating two mouthfuls, he put down his chopsticks and planned to go out to the front yard to have a look, but he just bumped into the door of Huatang, dragging a man with a white head and a green face in his hand. Shen Qianling was stupefied for a moment, and his first reaction was to turn around and look for him in the dark guard. No, four me! A few days ago, the counterfeits raised their hands happily. Lose your bones? Wen Liunian stood up and almost brought the bowl. I don't know if it's a loss or a loss of bones, but I caught it. Hua Tang threw the man who had been tied up with five flowers to the dark guard. "Poisoned, I can't speak for the time being. I'll take him to prison first." "Where is the Lord of the Qin Palace?" Wen Liunian was overjoyed. Hua Tang shook his head, "I don't know." "Don't know?!" Shen Qianling was stunned, "didn't you go out together?" "No." Hua Tang said, "I've been guarding the south gate with people last night. Near dawn, I saw a tit rising in the distance. I took people after him and caught him by mistake." Shen Qianling is a little confused, Wen Liunian also wondered,plastic pallet bins, "but last night the Lord of the Qin Palace also heard the wind, saying that the funeral bones appeared in the city, so he took people out to check overnight, and has not come back yet." Hua Tang frowned. "Then I really don't know." Shen Qianling turned to look at the dark guard, the dark guard raised their hands to show their innocence, "the palace master did say that he got the news of the loss of bones." So where did we go? We really didn't lie, okay! The rhythm of this kind of affair is really very bad,ibc spill pallet, if so, then we must find a chance to overthrow the palace master, and then let the young palace master ascend the throne and then let the lady secretly in power, it sounds like a sense of intrigue, the future is noble and cool simply can not be better! "I'll go out and have a look." "Don't worry, Childe," said Hua Tang. "What's the hurry?" As soon as the voice fell, Qin Shaoyu came in from outside the courtyard, with some dew on his shoulder and a bag of Xu Ji mung bean cakes in his hand. Where did you go? Shen Qianling breathed a sigh of relief. Grab the bones of the dead. Qin Shaoyu put the dim sum on the table. "When I passed by, the dim sum was just out of the oven, so I bought a bag for you." Dark guard with full of sympathetic eyes to see their own palace master, what time is it to use this excuse, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet containers, the loss of bones has long been squatting in prison! What did you do when you ran out in the middle of the night? It's the right way to explain as soon as possible. Of course, no matter what happens, we all have to stand on the side of your wife. This is the legendary fanboy. You can feel it a little. Cough. Hua Tang also coughed on one side with an innocent expression. I'll go to the prison. Wen Liunian runs very fast. It's better to stay away from this kind of housework. For a moment there was silence in the courtyard, except for the sound of furballs bouncing and kicking pearls. What's the matter? Qin Shaoyu was puzzled. Master of the palace. Hua Tang weighed his words and said, "I lost my bones in prison." "I know." Qin Shaoyu nodded, "I sent someone in." Dark guard silently for their own palace master wax, but at the same time can not help but praise this degree of wit, unexpectedly did not hesitate, can be natural! Hua Tang:.. "Master of the Palace!" A dark guard ran in from outside the courtyard. "Big deal, two." "What two?" Qin Shaoyu asked. In prison. The dark guard ran out of breath. "Two dead bones, exactly the same." As soon as this remark was made, everyone at the scene was stunned. Neither of them is me! The impostor raised his hand again. Wait Hua Tang reacted first, "did the palace master catch the bones of the funeral?" "Or else?" Qin Shaoyu frowned, "I said for a long time, but you didn't listen to a word?" "The left Dharma Protector also caught one in the morning!" The dark guards also came to their senses one after another and said excitedly, "So now both the white and the bones are in prison?!" "Where did you catch it?" Qin Shaoyu asked Hua Tang. Outside the south gate. Hua Tang said, "sneaking around in the woods, I was stunned with poison." "I caught another one in Sweeping Willow Lane in the north of the city." Qin Shaoyu said with a smile, "I didn't have a clue a few days ago, but this is a good thing. I've caught all the work at once." "Lord of the Qin Palace." A yamen runner said at the gate of the courtyard, "The two newly captured white-headed and green-faced monsters are quarreling in prison, and Lord Wen is worried that they will make trouble.". ” "I'll go and see." Huatang went out, and the dark guard followed him. All of a sudden, only Qin Shaoyu and Shen Qianling were left in the courtyard. What are you laughing at? Qin Shaoyu pinched his cheeks. Nothing. Shen Qianling shook his head, "I think it's just a coincidence." "No wonder everyone looked at me like that just now." Qin Shaoyu held him in his arms. "What did I do when I went out in the middle of the night?" "Of course it's to catch the bad guys." Shen Xiaoshou is very serious. Really? Qin Shaoyu whispered in his ear, "don't you doubt me?" "Naturally not." Shen Qianling helped him straighten his clothes, "I believe you." "I'd like to see you jealous and anxious." Qin Shaoyu smiled low. Bad taste. Shen Qianling pulled his face out of shape. "Come on, let's go to the prison to see the dead bones." Because of the simplicity of the people in Yunlan City, there were few people in prison for a long time. Even the head of the prison was a half-old man in his fifties. Because he couldn't stand the scolding of the two men, he came out early and squatted at the door. Where is Lord Wen? Shen Qianling asked. It's inside. "But there was no interrogation," said the head of the prison. "He just sat in the corner and listened, and no one was allowed to disturb him." Shen Qianling was puzzled and went to prison with Qin Shaoyu. The dungeon was in disrepair, the steps were greasy and moss, Shen Qianling took two steps and slipped one step, if not for Qin Shaoyu, he would not have known how many times he had fallen. Dark guard in the next head to see, have sighed with emotion my wife's small waist is simply soft, walking posture can be graceful! "Master of the Palace." Hua Tang came up to meet him. What's wrong Qin Shaoyu asked, listening to the faint roar in the depths of the prison. The one the palace master caught should be his brother's lost bone. Hua Tang said, "I can't speak much now because I've been poisoned. Basically,plastic pallet price, I'm roaring alone." "Lord Wen is in there alone?" Shen Qianling asked. Uh Hua Tang nods, "want paper and pen, still do not allow others to disturb." 。 binpallet.com

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