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Jian Qi Qian Huan Lu-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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As soon as Zhong Quan thought of her, he couldn't sleep well any more. He was full of blood and immediately jumped up. His figure was like a light smoke boat through the window. Then he went to the highest roof opposite and took a glance. But seeing the night pedestrian go to the other side of the road, the white shadow flashed. Holding his breath, he exerted all his strength and hurried forward. It is said that the white shadow went to the people under the house, stretched out to take a breath of cold air, and suddenly jumped down with all his strength, as fast as a flash of lightning. The man in white lost his footing in the house and fell to the ground. He didn't fall to the ground horizontally. But still about five feet from the ground, suddenly a earn, in the end fell on the body, but tiptoe a touch on the ground, immediately by a warm sound, stagger to attack. Zhong Quan has since the wind also like to roll up, stretch out his hand and pull. The figure of the man in white suddenly sank his arm and brushed it with his fingertips. The place where he brushed it was the pulse between Zhong Quan's wrists, exactly the same. Zhong Quan was taken aback, suddenly let go of half a step, to avoid the vicious brush of the man in white, only to see that the man in white, ah, can no longer stand, fell to the ground on him. He threw his arms around the man in white and shouted, "Hey, it's me. I'm Zhong Quan.." She raised her chin with her hand. The man in white said that he was not Lu Dan, but he felt that the faint fragrance was slight, and the nephrite was full of warmth and fragrance, and her body was soft and snuggled in his arms. Zhong Quan beat her heart,plastic pallet manufacturer, pinched her chin and gently raised it twice, and fed her a few times. She gave a slight groan and opened a line of eyes. Zhong Quan asked anxiously, "You.." Where did you hurt? Lu Dan moved his lips and did not answer. Suddenly the air tax wind rushed, Zhong Quan for fear of disturbing Lu Dan, did not dare to free his hand to send his palm, at the foot of a slight movement, has dragged Lu Dan steadily moved away half a foot, but it is faster than electricity. The white shadow flashed, followed by a quack, and the white shadow crashed straight into the ground. Zhong Quan didn't have to look at it in a twinkling of an eye. Knowing that it was Lu Dan's white bird Cher,ibc spill containment pallet, she suddenly remembered that day in the peach grove of the Valley of Broken Souls, she deliberately tried to coax the bird to crash into the ground, but failed. Tonight, she accidentally got her wish. The white kite was indeed a strange bird, so it crashed into the ground in such a hurry that it only gave a croak and flapped its wings again. Lu Dan called out faintly, and the white kite fluttered its wings in a circle and did not rush down again. "You follow Cher and send me back.." Lu Dan said weakly. Zhong Quan answered, grabbed her body with both hands, held her flat, looked up at the white shadow in the air, and saw that Cher had flown ahead and jumped onto the roof. Lu Dan slowly wrapped his arms around his neck and leaned his head feebly on his shoulder. Zhong Quan suddenly felt the blood rush to her heart, as if she had taken on a very sacred and important mission to send her back. A strange emotion rose vaguely in his mind, but it was the kind of heroic emotion that men like. Moreover, he was really close to her, not only physically, but also in her heart, because she trusted herself to protect her and send her home. Suddenly he had walked more than ten feet, and suddenly there was a birdsong in the sky to his left. He immediately woke up and laughed, drum spill pallet ,plastic bulk containers, and galloped in the right direction. But after only a little more than ten minutes, the white kite began to sing again and again. Its song was so clear and clear that it looked particularly clear in the silence of the night. Zhong Quan knew that he was not going in the wrong direction, but for a moment he did not realize that it was crying, so he lowered his eyes to look at Lu Dan's face. The slender eyebrows were slightly wrinkled at the moment, as if a little painful, and the eyes that made him forget were tightly closed, and the round face of the tree made her face even more lovely. When the heart is ecstatic, suddenly a shout "leave me", a wisp of gold knife split the sound of the wind, disease and simplicity. Zhong Quan was caught off guard, but he felt that the sword was surprisingly fast, and the strength was implicit. He wanted to spit, but he didn't spit. It was the skill of the master who made the sword, and he was shocked. At the critical moment, I don't know what kind of trick to use, so I sat down and kicked my right leg out. With a loud noise, Zhong Quan could not free up his body because he was holding Lu Dan in both hands. Besides, he kicked out his face and sat on the roof tiles with his whole buttocks, breaking a large piece and making a great noise. However, the buttocks were not in vain. He kicked them invisibly. The man probably did not expect him to have such a move. It was too late to cut off his legs with a sinking sword. He held his body in a hurry and staggered it. The right to respond was quick, but he was still picked by Zhong Quan's tiptoe. He could not stop his steps, and his body was staggered by more than a foot. Zhong Quan did not know whether her buttocks hurt or not, so she stood up hurriedly and peeked at Lu Dan, only to see her eyebrows wrinkled a little tighter, but her eyes did not open. Glancing up again, the man spat obliquely at the tip of his sword, and rushed back, brushing the ground with a sword to stab the bone-sticking point on his thigh. Before Zhong Quan could dodge, the man's wrist shook and the tip of his sword pierced the acupoint of the other leg. Zhong Quan recognized that this man was Li Tong, Yulangjun, the nephew of Wudang Zhijizi, who inherited the mental method. In shock, kick out from the side of the cross-leg chain and kick the enemy's wrist. Yu Lang Jun and Li Bin were scolding: "What kind of trick is that?" Suddenly saw the enemy not only to avoid their own so delicate a sword, but also able to double legs chain kick out, counterattack their own, can not help but heart a Rin, know is a lifetime enemy, pressure sword shrink wrist step back, stare. Zhong Quan, however, was afraid that he would recognize him. His head was slightly crooked, and his cheek was stuck to Lu Dan's collar. In addition to the dark night, Li Bin could not see that he was the Tibetan teenager he had met in Xinjiang that day. Since Yulangjun Li Bin found that the enemy was extremely clever, he was afraid to escape from the sword. With a cold shout, the light of the sword flashed, like a "torrent drum", and he suddenly spat out his sword. Zhong Quan heart suddenly great anger, dare clear jade Lang Jun Li Bin this sword, is flat stab, so Lu Dan became the first to bear the brunt. So Zhong Quan was angry from the heart, thinking that Li Bin was already a famous figure in the martial arts world, which was demeaning. Second, he deliberately wanted to hurt Lu Dan, which was even more unbearable than really cutting himself. So for the first time, he couldn't help but get really angry. He almost immediately displayed his great power of Prajna and killed him in the palm of his hand. But for a moment, he couldn't pull out his hand. His body suddenly fell down and rose. With a clear roar in his mouth,plastic pallet suppliers, he suddenly bent his waist and flew in front of him. Yu Lang Jun Li Bin shouted loudly, together with a slip of sword light, just flew over his feet. binpallet.com

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