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Jewels Full-time Job

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"All right.". I have something to do here. I won't talk to you first. I'll talk about it in detail when I come back. Tang Ming saw Yang Lin coming towards him and said to Robert on the phone. All right With that, Robert hung up the phone. As soon as Tang Ming saw the mobile phone come down from his ear, Yang Lin had already walked in front of him. At this time, although the expression on Yang Lin's face was not particularly obvious, the joy revealed in his eyes was not small at all. I guess so. There were a lot of things in the tomb this time, and because of Mujie, they didn't have to leave in a hurry as usual after they got the things, but they could also count the things on the spot and prepare to distribute them later, which had never happened before. General Manager Tang, all the things in the tomb have been taken out. Would you like to go and have a look now? Yang Lin tried to control his tone and said to Tang Ming. Did Miss Gu go over? Tang Ming looked at Yang Lin and asked. Compared to Gu Minglai. Even if he is a dilettante, he can't see why. Miss Gu has passed. Yang Lin replied. Tang Ming nods: "Then we also go!" Finish saying, also do not wait for Yang Lin to answer. Tang Ming took the lead in lifting his feet and walking toward the tent where the funerary objects taken out of the tomb were placed. The tent where the funerary objects were placed was the largest tent in the camp. The tent was used as a workshop before, but now it is directly used for the meeting of dividing the spoils. Gu Ming knew very well before he came about how to raise and distribute the funerary objects taken out of the tomb. Although another group of people were suddenly inside the day after tomorrow, the impact was not very great. After all, Tang Ming,empty lotion tubes, who was in charge, did not have much opinion. She did not have the leisure time to argue too much about this issue. But Yang Lin and Zhang Jing, because of their own vital interests, discussed this issue with each other's leaders for a long time, and finally reached a satisfactory result for both sides. When Tang Ming walked into the tent where the funerary objects were. Gu Ming and others have been here for a while, and even in such a short time,aluminium laminated tube, Gu Ming has selected some things that echo the conditions that had been discussed before. Although Robert and Tang Ming belong to the kind of people who are rich and powerful, they are not the kind of people who like to throw money into the puddle. They will not completely let go of other valuable things except those that may be related to the golden eggs. There is no doubt that the golden egg, which is exactly the same as the golden egg in Robert's hand, must be obtained. As for other things, Gu Ming also picked roughly. Out of her selfishness, when choosing things, the round wooden box in the square, which was probably related to the jade bracelet she wore on her left hand, was assigned to the side that might have something to do with the golden egg, so as not to be taken away by someone else carelessly later, custom cosmetic packing ,plastic laminted tube, when she wanted to study it carefully. After all, things in the hands of Robert and Tang Ming, she still has the opportunity to touch again, but if things are in the hands of Yang Lin or another team, it is not certain whether they can touch again. When Gu Ming was choosing something, the others stood quietly and did not disturb him until Gu Ming finished choosing. That's all? Tang Ming looked at the things listed by Gu Ming alone and asked. That's it. Because there are outsiders present, Gu Ming did not speak particularly clearly, anyway, as long as Tang Ming can understand her meaning on the line. In fact, Gu Ming did not pick out a lot of things, the proportion of all the funerary objects taken out was not very high, and it was not the best and most precious thing to choose, plus before the action began, Yang Lin and another team of people explained the situation, so in addition to some small almost negligible complaints from some individuals in the other team. No one else has a problem with that. Sam, wrap these things up. "Tang Ming has 100% trust in Gu Ming, and since Gu Ming said it was these things, he has nothing to doubt." Yes Asen Wen Yan immediately beckoned two people to come over, and neatly wrapped up the things that Gu Ming had picked out alone. Seeing that the wooden box with a square set of round patterns was carefully wrapped up by Asen, Gu Ming breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, and the tight string also loosened. In a high degree of tension suddenly sent the string, the kind of fatigue accumulated after a few days of bumps on the car suddenly came up, Gu Ming eyes a moment of black, the body a crooked want to fall to the side. Fortunately, Qin Sheng's attention has been on Gu Ming's body, the first time found Gu Ming's strange, immediately reached out to embrace Gu Ming's body, in case Gu Ming fell to the ground. What's the matter? Qin Sheng hugged Gu Ming tightly and asked nervously. Don't worry Gu Ming took a deep breath and shook his head. Qin Sheng frowned, thinking that Gu Ming had not eaten much before, and that he had stayed underground for a few hours when the air was not very smooth, so it was inevitable that he would feel a little uncomfortable. I don't think you look very well. Would you like to have a rest? Qin Sheng asked in a low voice. No, I haven't finished my work yet. Gu Ming replied in a low voice. At this time, Tang Ming also noticed something was wrong with Gu Ming. He went up to Gu Ming and asked with concern, "What's wrong with Miss Gu? Is there something wrong?" "It's nothing. Maybe I've been down there for a long time and I'm a little bored." Gu Ming explained with a smile. In that case, you can go and have a rest. Anyway,eye cream packing tube, you have done the important things, and the rest. Tang Ming glanced at Yang Lin and then said, "Mr. Yang will handle it." "But." Gu Ming thought about his own work and wanted to refuse. emptycosmetictubes.com

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