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I can tell fortunes, and I'm not easy to mess with. Full-time Job

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Then one of Sang Hongrui's men snapped, "What is it?"! It's not your turn to teach my wife a lesson. Do you want to die? As soon as he said this, Sang Hongrui turned around. Her chest fluctuated. She said angrily, "What are you talking about?"? Why don't you beat him to death? The veins on Sheng Duo's forehead were throbbing. He had lived for more than thirty years, and he was well-informed, but he had never seen such a rude woman. He was a madman! In the past, Sang Hongrui's style was the same before she got married, but at that time she still had a little brain and knew her scruples. Since she became the side concubine of the King of Linzhang, she was like a madman. Heard that not only is the imperial concubine beaten abortion, even the king of Linzhang himself dare to scratch his face, Bai Yiling met her today, is also a bad luck. Sheng Duo was about to speak when he heard footsteps behind him. He and Bai Yiling looked back and called out "Niang" together. Lu Mo's face is not good-looking, but to appear calm, she said: "Ling son, mother look at the wound on your face." Bai Yiling moved his mouth, but he was very clever and did not dare to speak, and turned his face to let her see. Lu Mo wiped the blood on the wound with a veil and saw that it was only a shallow cut of skin. He breathed a sigh of relief and touched the angry fox in Bai Yiling's arms. He said, "Is the little fox not hurt?" Bai Yiling shook his head. Sang Hongrui somehow knew that this was the princess. Even if Lu Qi still wanted to call her sister, after seeing Lu Mo, she finally felt a little weak. She stammered and said, "Since it's all right,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, forget it. You should pay attention next time.". Let's go. "Wait a minute," said Lu Mo. "Come back." Her tone is very calm, Sang Hongrui footsteps a meal, subconsciously looked back, only to see the other side of the cold face, cool eyes fell on their own body, for no reason to give people a kind of murderous feeling. A woman's intuition is most effective on another woman, and Sang Hongrui suddenly feels a sense of inexplicable crisis. She was really scared and said,beam impact tubes, "What for?"? Didn't I just scratch him by accident? There's nothing to do. It will be fine in two days at most. Otherwise, I'll go back to the house and send some medicine to you. Besides, when you hit me, I haven't settled accounts yet! As soon as these words were said, anyone could hear that she was strong on the outside but weak on the inside. It was not easy for such a tough role to be frightened into this appearance, but Lu Mo didn't think about it. This youngest son was her Achilles' heel. She had suffered hardships and been bullied outside since she was a child. Her family didn't know it at all, and they couldn't stand up for him. It was all because of her negligence as a mother that she failed to protect the child well. Very not easy to find back, the whole family is trembling to hold people in the palm of the hand, even half a harsh word are reluctant to say. But Sang Hongrui, this dead wench, still finds fault again and again! If you don't teach her a lesson, you really think no one can cure her! Chapter 141strong show of love. Even if you know that the other side is a young woman, Bai Yiling such a big boy, just accidentally scratched by her, there is no impact, impact beam tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, Lu Mo is still distressed and angry. Since childhood to this child has owed, Bai Yiling is the whole family's death hole, this tone does not go out for the son, she this when the mother also lived in vain. Hearing Sang Hongrui's words, she said lightly, "We can afford the medicine ourselves, so we don't have to bother." Sang Hongrui was stupefied for a moment, thinking that listening to Lu Mo's meaning, things seemed to have passed like this, so he felt that he should also lower his posture, then said: "This is it.". The princess is the elder sister of our prince, we are all a family, there is no need to hurt the harmony for a little thing. When I get back, I'll find some interesting pets to train and send to your house for the ladies to keep and play with. She felt that she could say such a thing, which was really very polite, and could not help adding: "Besides, the fox was not hurt, but white." Adults shouted to beat and kill, which made me lose my temper for a while. Forgive me for speaking frankly, if people take animals too seriously, don't they seem to be no different from them? When this girl doesn't shout, she opens her mouth. She's really talkative, and she's really irritating. Lu Mo took one look at her and said with a half-smile, "Those who take animals seriously are animals. So that's it. It's really a lesson." She ordered the people around her: "Invite us Jiaojiao out and say hello to Miss Sang Hong." Sang Hongrui was pondering what Jiaojiao was, and the servants of the Sheng family had already agreed. Several servants walked up to Sang Hongrui, grabbed her arm, and dragged her to Lu Mo. Sang Hongrui struggled and shouted, "What are you doing?" Lu Mo said lightly, "What are you quarreling about? If you didn't talk so much nonsense, how could you make me lose my temper?"? You'll do whatever you're told! When she finished, she raised her chin, and Sang Hongrui let out a scream and found that there was a big cage in front of her, which contained a boa constrictor. She struggled desperately, but was dragged little by little to the front of the cage, close enough to see the pattern on the python. "Hey, what's your name?" Asked Lu Mo? The python is just a beast. I invite you to watch it for fun. Don't take it seriously, Sang Hong. Sang Hongrui's followers could not sit idly by when they saw this scene, but as soon as they came forward, they were blocked by the guards of Zhenguo Gongfu. Bai Yiling quietly approached Lu Mo and whispered, "Niang, she just said she was pregnant." So, is it all right? Although Sang Hongrui is very hateful, the scream is so full of gas, also let Bai Yiling feel that she just said that is installed, but no matter how to say that the child is innocent, especially the flesh and blood of the Lu royal family, he still can not but mention one more word. Only then did Lu Mo understand why her youngest son had just been scratched by Sang Hongrui's fingernails, and with a slight expression,Precision steel tubes, she went over and grabbed Sang Hongrui's wrist and took her pulse. Although the medical skill is only rough, but what is the pulse condition of a pregnant woman, Lu Mo can still distinguish. cbiesautomotive.com

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