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I am the only immortal Full-time Job

4 months ago Training Cary   72 views
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yuan Xuzi said with a smile, "There is absolutely no problem with Younger Martial Brother's cultivation. Let me introduce it to you.". This is the second sister yuan Mirror. As he spoke, he pointed to the woman who spoke. Then the other five people were introduced to the sea dragon one by one. The seven friends of Hanshan are yuan Xuzi, yuan Mirror, yuan Rongzi, yuan Yangzi, yuan Zhenzi, yuan Xiuzi and yuan Lingzi. "It's getting late, Hailong," said the Peacock Princess. "It's time for us to start." "See you later, Elder Martial Brothers and Elder Martial Sisters," said Hailong to the Seven Friends of Hanshan. At that time, I will consult you. yuan Xuzi seven people hastened to return the gift, "I wish the younger martial brother a pleasant journey." In order not to delay the time of Xingjun's challenge, the sea dragon did not say anything more, drove the golden cloud, took the peacock princess to fly up, and disappeared in the sight of the seven friends of Hanshan in an instant. Looking at the background of his departure, yuan Xuzi sighed lightly and said, "It's really a new generation replacing the old.". The cultivation of Younger Martial Brother Hailong can only be described as unfathomable. I believe it won't be long before he can reach the magical realm of his master. yuanyangzi said with a smile, "There are many capable people in the fairy world. We also need to work hard. Elder Martial Brother,plastic packaging tube, I think after returning to the temple, the seven of us might as well retreat for a period of time. Under the guidance of our teacher, maybe we can make a breakthrough." yuan Xuzi nodded and said, "That's exactly what I mean, brother." The seven rays of light shine, and the seven friends of Hanshan turn into streamers and go away. While controlling Jin Yun's rapid flight, the sea dragon turned around and asked,plastic laminated tube, "Peacock, how are you?"? Is there anything else uncomfortable? The peacock shook his head and said disheartened, "It's all right.". But it was terrible when you fought just now. It seems that my cultivation is still too weak. At your level, the little things I've been working on have no effect at all. "You don't have to lose heart," said the sea dragon with a smile. "Your ingenuity is actually not small. Fairy ware still plays a great role in the course of battle. Had it not been for the celestial armor given by Shizu, I'm afraid I would have suffered a heavy blow like the rosefinch's predecessor. The peacock took one look at the sea dragon and said, "Only when the cultivation is similar can the power of the immortal be shown.". Like me, even if I have a good instrument to protect myself, it has no effect in front of you. At this point, the peacock's pretty face suddenly turned pale, and his body almost fell down. The sea dragon quickly grabbed the peacock's shoulders and held her body. "What's wrong with you?" He asked? Didn't you say it was all right? "I don't know what's going on," said the peacock with a wry smile. "I just feel dizzy." The air of chaos gently enters the peacock's body, and under the influence of the sea dragon's mind, it explores her physical condition at this time. Around the body, the sea dragon breathes a sigh of relief. Princess Peacock felt dizzy because the sound produced in the previous mana explosion had shocked her divinity. But the chaotic gas is the best nourishment, custom cosmetic packaging ,plastic packing tube, the sea dragon does not dare to neglect, then grasps the peacock princess's shoulders, unceasingly inputs own magic power into its body, helps her to stabilize the divine consciousness. Under the moisture of the chaotic gas, the peacock's pretty face is red and looks particularly charming. The eyes are flowing, the depths of the eyes have been a little more expression, her divinity has been basically stable. Just as the sea dragon was about to finish his work, an angry voice suddenly sounded, "I'll kill you, scumbag." It was enough to make the sea dragon feel the huge pressure threatening his life formed behind him in an instant. Countless sharp gas, so that the gas around the fairy became full of chill. The sea dragon had no time to react at this time, when the other side rushed from behind. His own divine consciousness unexpectedly did not find that he could not dodge, if he dodged the other side's attack. Mopping up the tail will endanger the peacock in front of you. Eyes flash of light, in the moment of strength, Tianji God Armor appeared in an instant, the blue armor wrapped the whole body of the sea dragon inside. Due to the short time. He also let the five internal organs Tianji Shenjia combine with Longxiang Jade, so he could only bear the attack of the other side with his body. Boom, boom, boom. Countless heavy blows with cold breath broke out behind the sea dragon, the celestial pole armor showed a strong defensive ability, the sea dragon subconsciously hugged the peacock into his arms, protecting each other with the gas of chaos. Under the violent impact of the back, the body slanted out. Although the celestial pole armor is absolute defense, but this absolute defense is also limited, if it faces the attack of the golden cudgel, I am afraid the absolute defense is likely to be broken. In a hurry. The sea dragon simply could not bring the defensive power of the Celestial Pole Armor into full play, and dozens of cold currents poured into the body from behind. The cold current stimulated the body of the sea dragon like a sharp needle, and with a cry, a mouthful of blood spurted out. Fortunately, the peacock was held in his arms at this time, otherwise, the blood would inevitably dye the peacock's body red. The sea dragon took a deep breath and wanted to raise his magic power to fight against the people, but the dozens of sharp cold currents in his body were raging crazily. The cool air produced by the Celestial Pole Armor can't catch up with the crazy speed of the cold current. All the chaotic gas congealed and blocked the advance of the cold current in the sea dragon. As soon as the sea dragon inhaled, he immediately felt an unbearable pain coming from his internal organs. After spurting a mouthful of blood again, his mind was somewhat confused. Brother Eel, are you crazy? How could you do that? The exclamation of the peacock made the whole body of the sea dragon shake, and it was the moon star king eel that attacked him? A snow-white figure appeared in front of the sea dragon and the peacock princess, the whole body exudes a very cold breath, the handsome face is full of murder, the eyes of the cold awn seems to be more cold than his ice bone coagulation. It is the second master eel of the Great Snow Mountain. Am I crazy? I'm crazy. Peacock, this is between me and him. He hurt Shifu and took away my beloved wife, and my hatred for him is implacable. If you stay away, I will cut him into pieces today. The voice of the eel was almost screaming, and the shrill feeling made the sea dragon feel even colder. After listening to the words of the eel, the sea dragon and the peacock princess were stunned, watching the eels in the hands of the phoenix harp into a streamer cut to the sea dragon. The peacock had already got up from the sea dragon's bosom at this time,plastic cosmetic tubes, facing the attack of the eel, she had no time to explain, all she could do was to block her body in front of the sea dragon. emptycosmetictubes.com

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