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Eternal Life _ Dreaming into the Divine Machine _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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"Fang Han, do you think you can handle me?"? I tell you that Hua Tiandu has been picked up by the Desolate God King left by Panwu Xianzun. He has now entered the real Tianwu Library and is accepting many treasures left by Panwu Xianzun. When he comes out, he is invincible in the world and really kills you. You never know how powerful treasures are contained in the Tianwu Library, all kinds of elixirs, treasures, secret books and Taoist books. Puppet, the number is not clear, which contains many fragments left by Panwuxianzun, fragments of space law, fragments of time law, fragments of creation law, fragment of heaven law, fragment of world law.. These fragments, can let Hua Tiandu get, after getting, his cultivation, can be a hundred times above you. Chi Rong Tian's face is ferocious, but there are many cold and conspiracies. "What?"? Are there any of these things in the middle of Tianwu's storehouse? Fang Han is stupefied, in the heart suffuses a kind of vigilance, all sorts of law fragment, it is in heaven and earth, the most wonderful thing, of course, this also is not to say, the friar got law fragment, can promote state such as Fang Han, even if got many time law fragment now, also just break through bottleneck, accumulate just,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, promote impossibly to "Zeus light state". But there is no doubt that if you practice to the peak, and then get fragments, there will be 90% chance to improve the realm. For example, the wind Yao light, the accumulation of strong to the peak of the immortal body, got the space law fragments of the wandering soul double demon, immediately broke through the realm And Fang Qingxue, Fang Han, there are still some gaps that have not reached the Dzogchen level of the law of space, even if they get a lot of fragments of the law of time, they can not be promoted,Time Delay Tap, they need to accumulate and comprehend, and they have to sit in seclusion. Every step of understanding the law requires a long period of interaction between heaven and man. "Well, Fang Han, are you afraid? Ha ha ha ha. Although you are fierce and fierce now, Hua Tian is destined to pass you. He will go to the fairy world to practice. After three years, he is the existence of immortals. He is the existence you can only look up to. Moreover, even now, don't be complacent. I have been recognized by the predecessors of Emperor Yan's Fire Dragon Tripod. It's too early for you to deal with me." Chi Rong Tian saw Fang Han in a daze, laughing proudly, but the vitality of his body, but secretly urged, seems to be in harmony with the fire dragon tripod of Emperor Yan. It can be seen faintly that in the fire dragon tripod of Emperor Yan, a fire dragon rushed into his body, his strength expanded, the huge fire accumulated in his body suddenly burned, and a cave was produced. The cave was full of flames, among which ten thousand dragons roared. Those flames were not gas, but solid. Flame crystal The solid flame shows how high the temperature is. Chi Rong Tian, with the help of Emperor Yan's Fire Dragon Tripod, finally broke through the last realm, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,stainless steel toilet, stepped into the cave heaven, and comprehended the law of space. He was originally too one door, the first deputy master, but was smoke water days after catching up, but he stayed in the realm of immortality, do not know how many years, has long been a powerful savings, in the first battle on the dragon Jupiter, although in the hands of Ba Liming suffered a small loss, but after going back, brave and diligent, once again break through the bottleneck This time, with the help of the Fire Dragon Tripod of Emperor Yan, it is logical to break through. Break through in front of me, good, good break through good, break through your space law fragments, you can give me you know, why I look at you break through? It is because pigs have to be fattened before they can be killed again. As soon as Fang Han saw Chi Rong Tian break through to the cave, he did not stop it, but waited. As soon as he saw the fragments of his space law condensed, he immediately laughed and flicked his fingers. A poisonous flying sword shot out. This poisonous flying sword was the segment he understood. It was condensed by the great poisonous art. It was superb, shaking its head and wagging its tail, like a poisonous dragon, showing its sharpness. The fire of the fire dragon tripod of Emperor Yan was corroded by the poisonous flying sword. Originally, the flame is the nemesis of poison, any poison, as long as it is burned by the flame, have turned into nothing, but the great poison True Qi is too strong, the flame simply can not be restrained. Do you think I will be afraid of you when you reach the realm of the unity of heaven and earth? The Black Emperor Tide Banner is afraid of you, but I am not afraid of you breaking it for me. The spirit on the fire dragon tripod of Emperor Yan also showed its true strength at this time. It swelled up, and thousands of fire dragons flew out of their bodies, spitting out flames. The flames showed a pure and transparent fire without any impurities. "Pure Fire in Heaven" As soon as the emperor's pen looked, his face showed a trace of dignity. Once again, the word "extinguish" appeared. The word rotated everywhere, emitting a kind of rain, which extinguished the flaming flame. "Nannan" Fang Qingxue knew that at this time, there was only a decisive battle to sacrifice the city of thunderstorms. The huge thunder city was suppressed by the fire dragon tripod of Emperor Yan. Then she shook her hand and a white whip was thrown out. The white whip, as soon as it was thrown out, was as long as three thousand feet. The tip of the whip penetrated into the void and hit Chi Rongtian's body severely. This whip is actually made of the hair of Tianfei Wumo. Last time, against Tianfei Wumo, the emperor's pen exerted its power, and the hair killed was collected, and Fang Qingxue refined it into a weapon. Yes, this is a weapon, not a magic weapon. The magic weapon is spiritual, but the white whip is not spiritual, but as a weapon, purely offensive, it is powerful. You know, in every hair of Tianfei Wumo, there is a small world, in which the God King, the God King and the Protoss Warrior live. Fang Qingxue refines this whip weapon, which can break the void and break the law with force. It is extremely powerful. The fire of the fire dragon tripod of Emperor Yan can't burn half of the hair at all. Tianfei Wumo's cultivation, far more than the strength of the virtual immortal in its heyday, can kill the immortal, her hair, and only the most sharp existence between heaven and earth, can really cut off, Yan Emperor Fire Dragon Ding is still a lot worse. Ah Unexpectedly, under the protection of the fire dragon tripod of Emperor Yan, Fang Qingxue's whip was able to whip his own red melting sky. When he was hit by this whip,Time Delay Tap, his whole body exploded and exploded into pieces. Even the cave was cracked, turning into a full ninety-nine and eighty-one groups of true fire seeds, to drill into the depths of the fire dragon tripod of Emperor Yan. cnkexin.com

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