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Dong Xiaowan Full-time Job

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At the time of the second drum in the evening, the whole Tiger Hill was as silent as death. The autumn wind blew the rustling sound of fallen leaves, and the chirping sound of autumn insects rose and fell one after another. Huiyuan woke up the dumb novice monk who followed him, lit a lantern, and walked through a small door next to his meditation room to the pagoda yard. The little door had been deserted and decadent for a long time, covered by weeds and trees, and no trace could be seen. The road leading to the small gate was full of weeds. The dumb novice monk led the way with a lantern. Along the way, the dumb novice monk was stabbed in the face by a branch. Some startled night birds fluttered up, making the little novice monk feel extremely cold. Huiyuan reached out and pushed open the small door, which fell to the ground. Dong Xiaowan seldom slept these days, and when Huiyuan approached the tower, she was disturbed by her thoughts. The glimmer of the lantern and the sound of the grass being trampled down made Dong Xiaowan shiver. The lantern reached into the tower hole, and Huiyuan vaguely saw a woman. Who are you? Why here? Huiyuan asked. When Dong Xiaowan heard someone talking, he calmed down a little, then raised his head and looked at the tower hole. In the light of the lantern, Huiyuan's bald head and gray beard were seen by Dong Xiaowan. Dong Xiaowan recognized Huiyuan, but at this time she was not sure,smart board touch screen, so she asked, "Is it Master Huiyuan?" "I am Huiyuan. How do you know me?" Huiyuan was surprised. I am Dong Xiaowan! The Dharma Master also gave me a verse at the beginning. Amitabha. Why is it so difficult for a female Bodhisattva? On the seventh day, Liu Rushi and Qian Muzhai rode to Suzhou in a two-horse carriage with silver to pay off Dong Xiaowan's debts. Qian Muzhai did not know the origin of the silver. Originally, Qian Muzhai did not want to come to Suzhou. Qian Muzhai felt very embarrassed when he received the notice that Liu Shijun had sent someone to Nanjing that day, but under the pressure of Liu Rushi, he agreed to go to Suzhou. In Suzhou,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, Qian Muzhai and Liu Rushi rushed to Suzhou with Liu Dahang. Zhu Zhifu felt frightened when he saw Qian Muzhai's arrival. He knew that Qian Muzhai had come for Dong Xiaowan, but now Dong Xiaowan had been robbed in his place, so he had been a little guilty during the meeting with Qian Muzhai. Qian Muzhai had been in the officialdom for a long time, and he knew that if Zhu Zhifu tried his best to trace Dong Xiaowan's whereabouts, he could not be too impatient with Zhu Zhifu. So he showed a gentle attitude throughout the inquiry, and Zhu Zhifu deeply felt his dereliction of duty under Qian Muzhai's gentle attitude, so he sent a competent police officer to trace Dong Xiaowan's whereabouts. After meeting with Zhu Zhifu, Qian Muzhai set off for the home of Yang Kun, commander of the Suzhou garrison. Yang Kun also expressed his willingness to do his best to help Qian Muzhai during his visit. After a day of running around, there was no news of Dong Xiaowan's whereabouts, and Liu Rushi was more anxious in his heart. In the evening, she sent someone to call Xixi. When she saw Liu Rushi, touch screen board classroom ,smartboards for business, she burst into tears, which brought back Liu Rushi's sadness. She could not help but shed tears when she thought of Dong Xiaowan's miserable fate. The next morning, Qian Muzhai and Liu Rushi arrived at Yunyan Temple by carriage. Last night, Liu Rushi remembered that Dong Xiaowan had told her that Huiyuan Zen Master was an eminent monk, so she came to the temple today to see Huiyuan to test Dong Xiaowan's fortune. In last night's dream, Liu Rushi's mind was filled with Dong Xiaowan's floating figure, which sometimes approached her and sometimes went away. Liu Rushi felt that the figure in his sleep was very painful and always so blurred. Juechen received Qian Muzhai and Liu Rushi, and when he saw Qian Muzhai and Liu Rushi coming to the temple, he had an ominous omen. Liu Rushi asked for a sign in the front hall and signed a four-line poem: "The ramie has no green gauze, the intestines are broken, the sails of the lake are slanting, and the creeping grass is still stained with the hatred of national subjugation. Where can the universe be home?" She was unhappy when she saw the sign was ominous. After resting in the cloud hall for a while, Liu Rushi asked to see the abbot. Huiyuan met Qian Muzhai and Liu Rushi in the abbot's room. Huiyuan sat on the futon, clasped his palms together and held the beads in his hands. He was full of spirit, with a high forehead and deep eyes, and a silver beard fluttering on his chest. Liu Rushi became happy when he saw Huiyuan's inexplicable spirit. She gave Huiyuan the sign she had just asked for. Huiyuan took one look and said, "Don't worry, benefactor. It's good luck but not bad luck." When Huiyuan saw that Liu Rushi and Liu Rushi were silent, he added, "You two benefactors have traveled thousands of miles. Isn't that why you came here?" Qian Muzhai and Liu Rushi were startled. Huiyuan looked at them with a smile. Liu Rushi couldn't figure out Huiyuan's words, so she asked tentatively, "My disciple is ignorant in the secular world. I hope Dharma Master can give me some guidance." "Don't worry, benefactor. Didn't the poor monk just say that there is good luck and no bad luck?" Huiyuan said. Huiyuan motioned to the dumb novice monk to bring a brush and inkstone, wrote a few poems on a plain paper, and then handed them to Qian Muzhai. Almsgiver, please read the words of the poor monk carefully when you go back. The things you care about in this trip are here. Huiyuan finished and asked the dumb novice monk to see the guest off. Things didn't turn out the way Howard had envisioned. Liu Shijun's departure made Howard happy for a while, and he dreamed that he would soon have Dong Xiaowan. After Liu Shijun left Suzhou, he planned to take Dong Xiaowan to the mansion. Even if Dong Xiaowan refused, he could force himself to cook the rice, and Dong Xiawan had nothing to say. According to Howard's imagination, Dong Xiaowan was doomed, but the arrival of Liu Rushi and Qian Muzhai made Howard realize the seriousness of the matter. In the past two days, the street was full of government captors, and even the garrison officers and soldiers entered the city to look for Dong Xiaowan. Howard began to realize that once Dong Xiaowan was found, he could not escape responsibility. Now he thought that it was a mistake for him to kidnap Dong Xiaowan. Howard was silent in the direction of Tiger Hill these two days, and Jing Shangtian also showed his poverty at the moment. He also realized that the matter of Dong Xiaowan would eventually be exposed, and he wanted to persuade Howard to kill him, but he knew that Howard would not agree anyway. Jing Shangtian saw that his reward would go down the drain, so he hated Qian Muzhai and Liu Rushi deeply,65 inch smart board, but he could only hate them, and he could do nothing in any action. He noticed that Huo Fu had been monitored, so he told Huo Hua and ordered all the people not to leave the house to go to Yunyan Temple. hsdsmartboard.com

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