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Dark sugar is hard to guard against Full-time Job

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After getting off the bus, Fu Shiyu walked ahead with the baby in his arms and explained in a low voice, "I took a bath for my son in the old house in the evening. You go up and take a bath quickly. When you come out, you give him milk to sleep. I'll take a bath." Isn't this the same procedure as usual? Why does he have to repeat it? Tang Xien said "Oh" and followed him into the house. After that, according to what Fu Shiyu had just told him, Tang Xien quickly took a battle bath. Because he had washed his hair last night, he didn't have to wash it tonight. He even saved washing and blowing his hair. He spent more than ten minutes taking a bath and came out to give the baby milk to sleep. Because the child has not slept until now in the evening, he is so sleepy that he sleeps soundly after eating a little breast milk. Tang Xien sucked out the rest of the breast milk and put it away before he went into bed to enjoy the most peaceful and free time of the day. She closed her eyes to rest and recalled her life with Fu Shiyu since she was pregnant. Early pregnancy, they follow the doctor's advice, all kinds of pure desire, mainly during that time she vomited badly, no mind, plus two people for the first time as parents, the heart is inevitably nervous, afraid of the fragile fetus, all day long carefully, let alone do big moves. In the second trimester of pregnancy, Tang Xien had morning sickness and was in a good mood, so they began to try to do some exercise during pregnancy. Fu Shiyu expressed his love to her in a variety of ways, saying that he loved her to the extreme and even loved her sweating pores when she exercised. Recalling those months, Tang Xien was both helpless and unforgettable, after all, Fu Shiyu really took care of her,4k smart board, but also very gentle. Earlier, when the young nursery teacher was invited to come over, Aunt Wang was still worried that there would be a drama of a coquettish bitch snatching away the male host. As a result, for almost a month, she did not see Fu Shiyu talk much with the other party, and he did not even look at the other party. Although Tang Xien did some preventive measures, but only because he did not understand the nursery teacher, he wanted to save some trouble, not because he did not trust Fu Shiyu. Because she knows that Fu Shiyu is not a person who likes to chase excitement,touch screen whiteboard, and because she has a very clear understanding that the reason why her feelings with Fu Shiyu are deep and stable is because of these years of mutual understanding, attraction, appreciation, respect, mutual support, physical and mental harmony, personality harmony, not because Fu Shiyu is greedy for her young body, she yearns for the wealth of the Fu family. They just love each other purely and simply, and this feeling is getting deeper and deeper. And now they have a child, is a happy family of three, the sense of responsibility is heavier, the sense of happiness is stronger, their connection will be closer, never separate, always respect and love each other. When Fu Shiyu came out of the bath, smartboards in classrooms ,smart interactive whiteboard, the bedroom turned off the light, leaving only a dim wall lamp on the wall. Tang Xien was lying in bed, covered tightly, with only one head sticking out, his eyes closed, as if he had fallen asleep. Fu Shiyu took a look at the time, nine o'clock, fortunately, not very late. He went back to the bathroom, warmed his hands and feet with a hair dryer, and touched the bed. Don Sheehan had turned over by this time, leaving only the back of his head for him. He lay down and took her in his arms. —— This chapter is expanded to more than 3100 words in the small theater, which is very fat. 608 Fu Shiyu's treasure Two people hold tenderness for a moment, Tang Xien see time is not early, thinking more than 12 o'clock may have to get up to nurse, then hurriedly urged Fu Shiyu to take a bath. Washed out together, Tang Xien blew his hair, Fu Shiyu changed the sheets and quilt covers, for fear of taking the baby to bed in the middle of the night to nurse and dirty the baby's pajamas. Today's hundred-day banquet, Fu Shiyu was busy socializing with relatives, and the child was also forced to do business. He slept less during the day and slept soundly after eating less at night. As a result, he got up and drank milk four times that night. Tang Xien fed him once. The next three times, Fu Shiyu took the child downstairs to warm the milk in the refrigerator when he wanted to nurse. Tang Xien works in the unit, there are leaders and subordinates everywhere, there are many things, she is tired to take a nap, but he is in his own company, at any time tired to hide in the lounge to sleep for a few hours no one cares. He knows the importance of sleep, in order to let Tang Xien sleep better, it doesn't matter if he doesn't sleep all night. The next day. Qin Chu still sat in Lao Chen's car at eight o'clock on time and went to the hot spring community to pick up Li Miaolian and Aunt Wang. The white BMW was parked under a famous fourth-generation residential building in the hot spring community. Aunt Wang helped Li Miaolian get on the car. The two of them looked very happy, as if they had won a big prize, and sat in the back seat talking and laughing. Qin Chu, who was sitting in the co-driver's seat, turned his head and smiled at them and said hello. The car drove away from the hot spring community. Li Miaolian and Aunt Wang were talking about the hundred-day banquet last night all the way. When Qin Chu heard this, he remembered that when Tang Xien handed over to her on Friday night, he said that Fu Shiyu did not go to work at the hundred-day banquet on Monday and had to take care of it in person, so she didn't have to come that day. She was a little disappointed when she heard about it. Other employers are eager for baby nurses to help take care of their children every day, not to mention that when the child is one month old, employers are often busy with other things. How can the child not be taken care of by baby nurses? But the Fu family this couple, is really strange, is eager to have the opportunity to take care of their own children, but she this nursery teacher did not come in handy. Qin Chu felt that in this family, his professional charm could not be displayed and there was no sense of achievement. . The BMW entered the courtyard, and the three men got out and went up the stairs. Fu Shiyu held the child outside the door and looked at the fallen leaves. Auntie Wang gallantly took the child and said, "Mr. Fu Hasn't gone to work yet today?"? Why are you holding the baby, lawyer Teng? "She was tired yesterday and got up late this morning. She may be changing clothes at the moment." Li Miaolian said with a smile, "She didn't help much at the hundred-day banquet yesterday. What are you tired of?"? It's a shame to let a big man get up so early to take care of his children! Auntie Wang held the child in her arms and laughed, teasing the child: "Grandma is going to scold her mother, saying that her mother is unreasonable.." The child babbled and waved his little arms, as if to say, "Don't scold me!"! Fu Shiyu, who had been smiling,smart board interactive whiteboard, suddenly stopped laughing and became serious for a moment: "Auntie, don't teach children these things." Aunt Wang quickly nodded, "Yes.". hsdsmartboard.com

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Dark sugar is hard to guard against