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Catch a Rich Husband: Steal a President to Be a Husband Full-time Job

2 months ago Banking Daly City   49 views
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Lei Zhibo slowly put down his hands holding Li Ruoer's arm and said to Li Ruoer apologetically, "I'm sorry. I must have scared you. To be honest, because looking at you reminds me of my daughter. Please don't mind. I wonder if Miss has time to listen to a story, a father's voice?" Li Ruoer was almost sure that he was Brother Lei's father. Looking at his moving look just now, she knew that this was a father who loved his daughter very much. It seemed that Brother Lei had a very happy family and could not bear to refuse her, so she nodded. Thank you. Is it convenient to talk upstairs, miss? Lei Zhibo asked gently. Li Ruoer wanted to ease the heavy feeling and said lovingly, "Uncle, I'm sorry. You said that when you saw me thinking of your daughter, would it be improper for me to call you like this?" This can provoke Lei Zhibo's chuckle, the girl seems to have a little more spirit than her own daughter, "of course not, uncle, I am glad to hear you call me that." "Really, please call me Ruoer. My name is Li Ruoer." "All right, Ruoer, let's go." Taking the president's exclusive elevator, they quickly arrived at the president's office, and the president's secretary, Xiao Yu, quickly got up to greet the president. See the girl beside the president can not help but surprised, who is this girl, he has never seen, the president personally brought, it seems that the identity is very unusual. Miss Xiao, two cups of coffee, thank you! Lei Zhibo turned to Li Ruoer and said, "Ruoer, come in." Li Ruoer nodded slightly to Secretary Xiao and walked into the president's office. As soon as Li Ruoer went in, he saw Lei Zhibo standing in front of the window, with his back to himself, as if he didn't want anyone to see his fragile expression. Time seems to congeal, Li Ruoer does not know how to break this silent environment. Then a knock on the door broke the silence of the room, and Secretary Xiao brought in two cups of coffee, put down the coffee, went out, and returned to the silence of the room. But outside the secretary Xiao is full of doubts, what is the relationship between this girl and the president, why the atmosphere in the president's office will be so depressed, is it. Do not know how long, Lei Zhibo's voice finally came out, "The beginning of this story is very common, a rich family lived a very quiet life, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Grey Marble Slab, the host presided over the company, the hostess presided over the family, they have a pair of children, everything goes well, living a life that others envy.". With the passage of time and the hard work of the host and hostess, the family became more and more powerful, and more people were jealous. Finally, one day, a terrible thing happened. The hostess and her daughter were kidnapped by criminals. The purpose was very simple. They demanded a high ransom. Li Ruoer listened to his voice and mentioned his heart, "and then what?" "Family is the most important thing in the heart of the man. What is the ransom? Even if he wants the whole company, he will give it.". But the world does not mean that you can do whatever you want. The ransom was quickly handed over to the kidnappers, but the kidnappers did not keep their word, but did not release them as they had said in advance. They took a fancy to their daughter's young beauty, so they had evil intentions. In order to save her mother, their 18-year-old daughter sacrificed herself to lead the kidnapper to another house. And lit a fire and died with the kidnappers. "Ah!"! Li Ruoer called out unconsciously. Lei Zhibo did not seem to be out of memory. His deep voice seemed to come from a long distance: "The hostess was saved, but she watched her daughter die in front of her. That scene still makes her feel painful when she thinks of it. Every night, she burst into tears.". She wished that it was herself who died at that time, not their daughter. Whenever she saw other people's daughters around her, she would blame herself for not protecting her daughter at that time and failing to fulfill the responsibility of a mother. She said that if she could see her daughter again in her life, she would rather die than regret it. ” Verse 15: Family Affection Deepens (2) Li Ruoer did not expect Lei Yi's death to have such a terrible experience, why Lei yuan never told himself, is afraid of their own sad fear, or he did not have the courage to mention this period of his, the Lei family heartbroken past? Looking at the back of Uncle Lei, Li Ruoer felt the indescribable vicissitudes of life, and felt the deep love for his daughter and the pain in his heart, which was no less than that of Lei's mother. Men are always so good at hiding the thoughts in their hearts, even if it is painful and unbearable, but they will still stand up for their beloved woman, their beloved family, stand up and stride forward, only occasionally when no one will make themselves vulnerable. I'm sorry to make you laugh. An old man is still so fragile. The voice of Lei's father came to my ears, but it was no longer as painful as it had just been. It seemed that he was a veteran of the market and had tidied up his feelings so quickly. Perhaps this is also a kind of helplessness of life, but also the helplessness of a strong man. Dad Lei, don't say that. You let me see a good father and husband who cherishes his daughter and family. I may not be able to fully understand your feelings now, but I think it is a kind of happiness to be your family. Please allow me to join your family. I will do my best to be filial to you for memory and let you forget the pain. Just remember the joy. Li Ruoer never knew that she could speak like this, but everything jumped out of her mouth so naturally. Li Ruoer's words caused Lei Zhibo a trace of doubt, the first time to meet people will be so kind to help others, is not she already know their identity, want to curry favor with their own, want to gain benefits from their own body. But what he met was a pair of clean and clear eyes and a sweet and lovely smile. Appearance can deceive the world, but the eyes can not deceive people, even if a person's appearance no matter how to change, but the eyes will not change, Lei Zhibo can not help but laugh at himself thinking how he can look at a pure and kind child with the eyes of the market, which will desecrate a sacred heart. And his intention is not to bring her to his wife, so that she can live happily in the future,pietra gray marble, rather than always miss the past. Since this child has such a kind heart, that oneself is not to save a heart of persuasion, more than a gratification. forustone.com

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