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Carapace frenzy Full-time Job

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The order was given, and the three landing craft under the ship's belly, which were specially designed for the mission, broke away one by one and flew to Titan in a row. Lone Wolf and Titan are separated by a safe distance of more than 20000 kilometers, and it will take a little time for these landing craft to arrive. Satellites originally used to monitor Titan have also begun to focus on landing areas to prevent aliens from setting traps. A few minutes later, the formation approached Titan, and the three landing craft began flying around the satellite. The formation took the lead in approaching the No.1 landing point, and the No.1 boat adjusted its attitude ahead of time, with its tail forward, its head backward, its back down and its abdomen up, and fell upside down into the atmosphere. After entering the atmosphere, the propeller at the stern of the boat was briefly turned on to slow down the landing craft, and soon after, the landing craft adjusted its attitude again, with the belly of the boat forward, using air resistance to slow down the landing craft continuously. At this time, the second landing craft also used the same procedure to enter the atmosphere, and then the third. As the landing craft fell into Titan, the atmosphere on the Lone Wolf became more and more tense. All the guns on the ship were opened,Agate Slabs Countertops, and as soon as there was a trace of aliens on the ground, they would fire immediately. The speed of the landing craft was getting slower and slower, until Yu Jing thought the speed was almost the same, and then started the equipment on the craft. A pair of narrow and long wings came out from both sides, and then the landing craft glided to the landing area like an ordinary plane. There is no airport to land here, so each landing point is chosen on a particularly flat ground, anyway,White Marble Mosaic, the placement of nuclear bombs does not require a particularly strict positioning, as long as the depth is up to standard, there is no problem. Soon after, the No.2 landing craft was the first to land. Although the process was a little dangerous, the landing craft had no problem. The stationary landing craft opened the stern door, and a special drilling vehicle came out. The soldiers in the boat also dragged the cable out, stopped the car at a place that looked pleasing to the eye, erected the drill pipe and began to drill holes. The digging end of the drill pipe is not an ordinary drill bit, but a high-power laser. This thing is more powerful than a laser on a warship, and it consumes a lot of electricity all the time. In order to provide enough electricity for this thing, there is a small nuclear reactor on each landing craft. When the drill starts, the laser immediately vaporizes the ice crust on the ground.. People don't know what the hard ground is made of. Anyway, the laser can hit it. Two men were left to watch the drill truck, while the others quickly dispersed their guard. If the aliens come, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Pietra Gray Marble, they certainly can not stop the impact of aliens, the so-called alert is nothing more than to buy a little more time. The No.1 and No.3 boats were equally successful. The three drilling vehicles started working at the same time in three different positions. As long as the depth of the hole was up to the standard, they would rush to the next task coordinates and repeat the process. Seeing the landing craft landing safely, Ye Han's heart finally put down a little, but only a little, the landing troops do not withdraw for a minute, his heart can not be completely put down. Originally thought that the landing troops would encounter the obstruction of aliens, but waited for more than ten minutes without any movement. This is enough time for the aliens to assemble their troops, but there is no movement on Titan! Ye Han is very confused, is there no aliens on Titan? That's impossible. Titan is the most suitable Saturn moon for aliens to develop. How can aliens abandon it? The shaft became deeper and deeper in doubt, and a few hours later it finally reached the predetermined depth, but the alien still did not move, which made Ye Han suspicious. He couldn't help feeling that when the aliens came out, they were too troublesome, and if they didn't come out, they had no idea what was wrong with them? Chapter 1937 unexpected. The operation on Titan went more smoothly than planned, with three marine teams moving around, and it took a whole week to get all the nuclear bombs in place. During this period, the alien fleet approached Titan several times and was kept at a safe distance by the Lone Wolf. The two sides fought back and forth for several rounds. Finally, the alien fleet could not bear the huge losses and had to withdraw from the battle. But there were no aliens on Titan. Ye Han almost went crazy. He didn't believe that there were no aliens on Titan until the landing craft took off and evacuated Titan. Why? It's very simple. If there are aliens, they won't watch the Marines release nuclear bombs. At least they have to come out to interfere, right? But the truth is that there is not even the simplest interference. After the landing craft returned, Lone Wolf sent out a detonation signal, more than 30 super nuclear bombs buried under Titan detonated at the same time, the ground of Titan trembled violently, and countless dust flew into the sky.. Because it was an underground nuclear explosion, there was no mushroom cloud and little sound and light effect, but the damage to Titan's underground structure was not as harmless as it seemed on the surface. Until this time, Ye Han still couldn't figure out how there could be no aliens on Titan? It's not scientific! Ye Han did not know that when Lone Wolf was single-mindedly blasting Titan, aliens in the Uranus area were also watching Lone Wolf, wondering why Lone Wolf wasted so much time on Titan. Humans have always thought that Titan has a large amount of organic matter, which is particularly suitable for the development of aliens, but in fact it is not the case at all. The aliens did have the idea of Titan, but after careful consideration, they gave up the idea. The reason is very strange, because Titan has an atmosphere! Isn't it good to have an atmosphere? How could aliens give up Titan because of this? In fact, it is very simple that the aliens who landed on the earth have already tasted the taste of nuclear explosion and know that the power of nuclear bombs in the atmosphere is far greater than that in space! Even without Titan, Saturn's other moons are enough for aliens to develop for a long time, so after careful consideration, aliens abandoned Titan and only arranged for some giant insects to land to confuse human eyes. As expected, before the aliens could develop enough to land on Titan, the human fleet had already come, forcing the aliens to withdraw to Uranus ahead of schedule. If Ye Han knew the inside story, he would be so angry that he vomited blood. After leaving Titan,White Marble Slabs, Lone Wolf continued its demolition mission, and soon after, Huo went to Saturn. forustone.com

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Mistakenly Married Princess of the Flourishing Age