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Be a servant girl in the Red Chamber Full-time Job

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"Ah Niang, daughter-in-law doesn't say that your dress is not good.". Daughter-in-law remembered that a few days ago, the Ministry of Internal Affairs sent a new winter dress. One of the stone blue dresses was very luxurious. Daughter-in-law felt that if you wore it today, it would show your noble status. Royal women's crown dress must use stone blue, no matter what young stone blue is absolutely not wrong, so 14 Fujin just mentioned the stone blue palace dress. Although the stone blue looks old, most of the concubines in the palace do not like to wear stone blue palace clothes, but dare not say that the stone blue is not good-looking. Fourteen Fujin is also a bit quick-witted. And my daughter-in-law thinks that your temperament looks better in a stone blue dress, which highlights your temperament. In my daughter-in-law's opinion, no one can look better than you in a stone blue dress. Afraid that the imperial concubine would not agree, the fourteen Fujin stirred their brains to praise the imperial concubine. This palace wears a stone blue dress to see? "Yes, I also think you look best in a stone blue dress." Two fourteen side Fu Jin also hastened to echo Kua De Fei. Because De Fei dotes on the youngest son of the Fourteenth Master, she allows the Fourteenth Master's two side Fujin to call her Niang. De Fei seemed to be persuaded, 14 Fu Jin and others to increase the full horsepower patted De Fei Ma Bi, and finally persuaded De Fei. All right, hurry up and wait for this palace to dress up again. "Oh, yes." Fourteen Fu Jin and others served the imperial concubine in person, but Jiang Wanyin,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, the eldest son of the imperial concubine, did not let her get close at all. Jiang Wanyin was too happy to serve the imperial concubine. It was not easy to hurry to make up for De Fei. Fourteen Fujin helped De Fei. Jiang Wanyin led the child to follow De Fei out of Yonghe Palace. When De Fei was ready to board the sedan chair at the gate of Yonghe Palace, she suddenly saw a figure coming in a hurry. When she got closer, she saw Li Dequan, the manager beside Kangxi. The slave pays his respects to the Lord. Master Long Live has a decree. Master De, you are not feeling well. Master Long Live understands that you don't have to go to the palace banquet. Jiang Wanyin stood not far from De Fei, and after Li Dequan finished,Nail machine supplier, Jiang Wanyin felt as if she had heard a click, the sound of De Fei's face cracking. Jiang Wanyin lowered her head and suppressed a smile. Kangxi was afraid that Concubine De would lose face. But the German imperial concubine now this pair of ghost appearance, went to really can let Kangxi lose face. Although he hit Concubine De in the face, Li Dequan gave the women of the two houses face. The Fourth Master and the Fourteenth Master have already arrived at the banquet with a few little elder brothers. Just the Fourth Fujin and the Fourteenth Fujin, you two have taken a few side Fujin and little elder brothers to the past. "I'll be right there with Manager Lao Li." "All right, the slave will go back to reply to the decree first." As soon as Li Dequan left, the imperial concubine finally could not hold back. Dare to see this palace joke, you all roll to this palace, all roll to this palace. De Fei at Jiang Wanyin and others roared, Jiang Wanyin afraid of De Fei angry hurt the child hurriedly gathered the child to the side. De Fei drove people away in anger, and the four Fujin and the fourteen Fujin could not leave at once. "Then the daughter-in-law will retire first, and you can go back to the palace to rest." After the two sisters-in-law saluted, they stepped on the hot wheels and left quickly. Jiang Wanyin and two Fujin on the 14th side also hurried up with their children. Chinese New Year's Eve the day went well, Nail machine manufacturer ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, except for the discomfort in the palace of the German imperial concubine. Although the princes were cross-eyed, no one dared to make trouble at this time of the New Year. But just after the abolition of Prince Kangxi's interest is not high, the palace banquet is not like in previous years, this year's palace banquet soon broke up. Fourth Master took his wife and children out of the palace and returned home. I don't know if it was in the carriage that Sifujin told the fourth Master about Yonghe Palace. After getting off the carriage, Jiang Wanyin saw that the fourth Master's face was black and scared to death. But Jiang Wanyin also understands. If the former four imperial concubines were the glory of the two brothers, now the imperial concubines are the shame of the two brothers. Although the son does not think the mother is ugly, but the ugly mother at least knows that she is ugly and not a demon, but the imperial concubine obviously does not know that she is ugly and loves to be a demon. Not to mention the fourth Master, the eldest son who had not been loved by the imperial concubine, even the fourteenth Master, the youngest son who had always been loved by the imperial concubine, could not bear to be a demon. Because the German imperial concubine lets two brothers become the royal family's joke, has become the other brothers mouth's laughingstock. Fourth Master was in a bad mood, and Jiang Wanyin just did her best to serve him, not daring to provoke him. Fourth Master did not know whether to hold back for a long time or to vent his anger. During the day, he went to Jiang Wanyin's courtyard to vent his anger, which made Jiang Wanyin get up at night. When Jiang Wanyin woke up at night, knowing that the fourth Master had gone to the main courtyard to stay in the main courtyard, Jiang Wanyin could not help cursing a scum man. Just after the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Kangxi revealed his intention to restore the crown prince, and soon Kangxi issued a decree to restore the crown prince. After the restoration of the crown prince, the court situation finally stabilized temporarily. Especially in the year of the restoration of the crown prince, in October of the 48th year, Kangxi conferred titles on the princes, and the fourth Master finally became Prince Heshuoyong. Jiang Wanyin was also promoted from the wife of Lord Baylor to Prince Fujin. You should know that the prince's side Fujin is better than the county king's side Fujin. As the fourth Master became a prince, the status of the female dependents of Prince Yong's Mansion rose. Princess Yongqin of Sifu Jin is even more powerful. After the restoration of the prince, he finally had a stable life for another two years. Ge Ge Niu Hu Lu, who entered the mansion in the forty-third year, was already eighteen years old, and he had completely grown up. Before this person has been very low-key in the house, has not been favored. Forty-seven years after the abolition of the prince, the fourth Master was even busier, mostly staying in several old people's homes, such as Jiang Wanyin and Wu Gege. Although Niu Hu Lu had been in the mansion for seven years and was an old man, she had not been favored before and had no impression in the fourth Master's mind. But in this year, Niu Hu Lu, who had always kept a low profile, suddenly emerged. When she went to pay her respects early this morning, Jiang Wanyin saw Niu Hu Lu, dressed in a beautiful peach-blue dress, helping Sifu Jin out. "Jiang Wanyin and all of you were surprised to see this one." Go and sit down,wire nail making machine, too. Niu Hu Lu Shi helped Si Fu Jin to sit down. Si Fu Jin patted Niu Hu Lu Shi's hand and waited for her to say very kindly. Yes, Xie Fujin. When Niu Hu Lu spoke, Jiang Wanyin listened to the voice as delicate as a thrush and as clear as a lark. 3shardware.com

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