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Ba Pi's Rebirth of the Noble Daughter Ping's Wife Full-time Job

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Hearing the servant say that the young lady was coming, he rushed out and said, "The slave has seen the young lady." "Come on, I made supper for my father." Sister Hui's voice is steady, the style of an aristocratic lady. Zhang Wu stepped aside respectfully. "This way, young lady." Huijie nodded, and Zhang Wu led the way all the way to the flower hall. Huijie frowned. The flower hall was mostly a place to entertain guests. She thought she would take her to the warm pavilion or the study, but she was not very close to her father, and Huijie didn't pick this one. Only let Zhang Wu go down and sit in the flower hall and wait. After Zhang Wu stepped down, he asked someone to pass the letter to Tingxuetang. In the snow hall, Mammy Chang asked people to cook the Sichuan streaky pork at the border. The pickled cabbage was stewed first, and the streaky pork was cooked in a pot of plain water. When the pickled cabbage was almost stewed, the sliced streaky pork was put in and stewed slowly. Finally, it was accompanied by chili. It was cold at the border and there were few vegetables, but this dish was the best. Even though Gu Yifeng did not show it on weekdays, he was in a good mood when he saw the dish served, and he used two bowls of rice in a row. Lin Youning also ate a piece of meat, not as greasy as usual, eating with rice is really a special meal. After having a meal and drinking tea,Prison toilet for sale, Gu Yifeng got up and went back to Lin Xuan Pavilion when he saw Li Si outside looking in. Lin Youning here a quiet, the whole person lying lazily on the bed, think of this afternoon to be with big brother, holding the pillow can not help laughing. Chapter 82: Visitors In the twelfth month of the lunar year, Mrs. Wu went to the second room to be a guest, along with Wu Xueya and Wu Xueqin. When Yuejie came in with Wu Xueya, Lin Youning was leaning on the account book,Time Delay Faucet, and when she heard the little girl outside reporting that she had no time to put things away, Yuejie and Wu Xueya came in hand in hand with a smile. On the square table of pear flowers and trees on the soft couch, there was a high account book. Wu Xueya was stupefied. Then she laughed and said, "What is Sister Ning doing?" Yue elder sister is Hou's house, saw to know, but on the face but flashed the color of embarrassment. After the aunt who took care of the big house left, all the accounts were taken care of by the grandmother. When the little aunt was ten years old, the grandmother handed over the shops and Chuang Tzu of the big house to the little aunt, which lasted for five years. Sister Yue also heard her mother say that her grandmother never asked about the accounts, and that those around her would be the little aunts in the future. No one knows how many properties there are in Gu Fu's big house. I heard that only my grandmother and Hou Ye's uncle knew about it, not even his own father. An only daughter, with such a property, is not the daughter of the family, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,stainless steel shower tray, Yue Jie is ten years old, but also particularly jealous. Further, the little aunt took so many things to the big house, not only the property, but also her father. Yuejie usually looked down on this little aunt in Changli, and did not like her to take away her grandmother's favor, or to share a man with her mother, how could she like it. Yuejie always talks a lot on weekdays, but now there is no movement, Wu Xueya is still strange, but immediately understand that Lin Youning is a child bride, then what is going on in these industries is clear. It's just some books. When the two men were there, Lin Youning did not care. Shan Mei also directed the little girl to move the account books to the green gauze cabinet, and the warm cabinet was empty. After several people sat down in order of importance, they let the little girl serve tea again. Lin Youning was both the host and the elder, and naturally he was polite and concerned about it first. Wu Xueya was very curious about the hall where Lin Youning lived. She had been to Hou Fu many times, and even said that she would always come to play with Yue Jie, but she had never come to the courtyard here. Sometimes she would go with her mother to Shi'an yuan to see Mrs. Gu, but she only passed by here and did not come in. I only know that the child bride raised by Hou Fu lives here. But strange to say, she went to Hou's house a lot of times, but these years have not met, otherwise that day to see Lin Youning's beauty she would not ah, or even can not recognize. Sister Ning just went out of the house this year to attend the banquet of each house. There will be a banquet in our house in a few days. Sister Ning will go with Sister Yue. "Wu Xueya warmly invited Lin Youning, and even called the little girl to come over and handed the post to Lin Youning." Look, I've written the post this time. " Come prepared. It doesn't make sense to refuse again. Sometimes always avoid is not necessarily the best way to deal with, Lin Youning also want to see what Wu Xueya want to do in the end. She took the post with a smile. "Thank you, sister." He handed the post to Shanmei and told Haosheng to put it away. Yue Jie is not interested in these, just came in in front of Wu Xueya fell face, also do not want to open his mouth, think of the snow fox mentioned before, looking around. I also found fun for myself. It was really seen by Yue Jie, only to see the small screen between the warm pavilion and the green gauze cabinet, there was a small white hair, suddenly stood up and ran past. Her movements were too fierce and too fast. Lin Youning and Wu Xueya were talking when they saw her running. Lin Youning was not in a hurry to stop her. He heard Yuejie screaming. The whole person retreated again and again. If it hadn't been for Shanmei's urgent eyes and hands, Yuejie would have fallen to the ground. What's the matter? Lin Youning hurriedly stood up and went over. The person is on her side after all. If something really happens, she will not be able to delay the relationship. Yue Jie tightly grasped Lin Youning's hand, with a white face, pointing to the screen there, half ringing did not say a word. Wu Xueya was also attracted by her movements to look over there, empty of nothing. Eyes moved, and confused look at Yue Jie. She didn't believe that Yue Jie was frightened for no reason. She must have seen something? Sister Yue is already ten years old. She is not a real child. There is nothing that can frighten her. Is there a man hidden inside? Is it Gu Ertang's brother-in-law? Although the two were engaged when they were young, they had not yet got married. If they were mixed up like this now,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, even if there was another engagement, Lin Youning's reputation would be broken in the future. If today really bump into such a thing, is not to get all effortless. cnkexin.com

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